Who should you inform about your change of address

We at Nevada movers know that moving is one of the most stressful things that you’ll do. So one of the things that involve is changing a lot of documents and papers. The key to a successful and stress-free move is to be as organized as possible. Now we’ve prepared a list of institutions and people that you should inform about your change of address. So let’s see who they are!

Inform utility companies about the change of your address

So first you should inform gas, electrical and water companies of this change. You should do this earlier so that companies know when to do this.  When it comes to gas check your meter a night before or on a moving day and take a picture and call them to check if the bill is going to be okay. Use the picture as proof if they try to overcharge you. Now electrical companies just like gas companies will need more time to turn off the power (up to 48 hours), you should call these companies varieties. It’s good up to 7 days or even a month before calling and talking to them about turning off the utilities. Also, use the phone to take a photo of a meter just like in the case with the gas. You don’t want to overpay anything.

Man repairing electrical wires;
You must contact utility companies in advance to let them know when to turn off their services.

The same is for the water, so call them a couple of weeks before your move. Also, go and read the contract once again to see if there are any penalties for the cancelation. If you were satisfied with the utility providers check if you can have them at your new address. Don’t forget to call sewage and garbage companies. Also, as senior movers, we suggest it’s good if you can inform the companies when should they turn on services in your new home. So dates and organization are key here.

Inform household services

Now since there are many household services we’ll mention the most common ones:

  • Subscription services like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, etc.
  • Newspaper and magazine subscriptions
  • Subscription services like Blue Apron, BartBox, Hello Fresh, etc
  • Online shopping platforms like Amazon or eBay
  • The cable company and the internet provider
  • House insurance or any other property insurance that you have
  • Gardeners and cleaners or any cleaning services
  • TV License will need to be updated

If you are moving to Las Vegas we recommend that you contact these companies two or three weeks or a month at best; before you come or go. This is important to do as soon as possible but you don’t have to rush like with the utilities.

Informing people close to you

Now when we say close to you we mean in many ways, let us explain. First of all, you should inform your family and friends, we think that is something that we’ll instinctively do first. Then the person that you spend a lot of time your boss. Company is important maybe you’ll quit a job if you are moving abroad or interstate and you can’t work remotely so it may be an end to your job. Don’t forget your accountants or maybe you would like to change your accounting firm. Last but not least your lawyer.

Family walking on a path thinking who should they inform about their change of adress;
Informing your family, relatives, and friends that you’ve changed an address is crucial since they’ll want to contact you first.

One more service that is close to you is the United States Postal Service or simply USPS. You can change your address by filling out an online form it’ll take you just a minute. It’s best to do this ASAP since it will be forwarded to your new address from an old address for six months to one year. Let’s not forget our favorite Internal Revenue Service (IRS) who won’t be able to send you a tax return. You can use form 882 to update your address using the internet, it’s much faster and more convenient nowadays. One extra tip is that you should also link your bank account with IRS so you can get your money instantly.

Medical services should be informed about your change of address

First, let’s say that Social Security can nowadays like most things be updated or changed online. So you can search for Social Security Administration to do this. If you are receiving retirement, medical care, supplement security income, or any other kind of benefit or air, update it as soon as possible. Now also inform and probably change your doctor if you are going far away, also don’t forget to inform your dentist and if you are going to any therapies inform doctors or clinics about your move as well. It’s a good option to ask for a recommendation if you’re going to another city or state. They probably know good doctors or dentists since they all work in the same industry.

Securitiy logo;
You can change a lot of things online like Social Security or IRS, you can contact them and inform them that you’re changing your address.

Now don’t forget about your pets and veterans as well, also don’t forget to do a checkup with your vet to see if the animal is okay. Also, they can give you some good advice when it comes to moving with pets. Now don’t forget if you have any insurance for your pets or yourself. So don’t forget to inform life insurance, dental insurance, medical insurance, and car insurance. Also, think about getting moving insurance so if any of your items get broken or damaged you can get compensation.

The last but not the least

Don’t forget to update your new address on the voter registration website. This is a bit tricky since most people forget it until the voting day comes and then it can be too late. You can do this quite fast, online of course. If you need anything else or a guide about life in Las Vegas, you can count on us. We hope that you liked the blog about who should you inform about your change of address. Have a nice day and have a great move!

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