Why is Renting a Storage a Good Idea When Moving?

Since moving is a hard and costly process, people are always trying to make it easier and cheaper. There are so many ways and tips to simplify the relocation, and one of them is renting storage and having a place to keep your things safe when moving can be very beneficiary. Take a look at why renting a storage unit may be a good idea that you can implement in your relocation.

It Helps you Decrease Moving Costs

If you choose movers Las Vegas that can help you with any relocation,  you should know that the number of your items will be the factor that will determine total moving costs. It’s a universal rule that your relocation will be less costly when you are moving fewer things. The larger the household will be bigger and heavier. It will take more manpower or longer work hours to move it. Therefore, it will be more costly.

That’s why a necessary step in every relocation is to go through your home and only pack the belongings that you need. If you’re not prepared for this step, renting storage can be a good compromise. Costs of renting storage on the monthly base are usually much lower than the moving costs for transporting your belongings to a new home. So if you want to save some bucks, it’s more affordable to rent a storage unit than to move all of your belongings.

Provide the Safekeeping of Your Items

Whenever you lack storage space in your home, renting a storage unit is a good idea. The storage facilities are the places where your things will be in a safe place, away from the weather elements that can cause them damages. If you choose a reliable storage facility with an excellent security system, then your items will also be protected from the theft or vermins.

Rent a Storage Unit instead of Keeping Your Belongings on the Attic or in a Basement

Attics and basement are the usual places in a home where people accumulate stuff.  Most of them collect dust and lay forgotten. When you start to declutter your attic or basement, you will find a lot of stuff that has deteriorated in time. Since those places usually don’t have proper isolation, they are moist and moldy. They are the favorite spots for pests. Boxes full of stuff only makes them more attractive.

When you rent a storage unit, you are eliminating the possibility that your items will suffer damages that time brings. When you pay bills for something, the chances are that you will check on your things more frequently.

Renting a storage is always better option that keeping things in basement.
While basements and attics can be suitable for storing Christmas decoration or maybe even seasonal clothing, they are a terrible option for keeping items that you care about.

Renting Storage can Help with Selling Your Home

Before you put your house on the market, you have to give it a thorough scrubbing from the bottom to the top. That will be very difficult when you have all of your stuff laying around. If you are selling a home when moving, think about renting a storage unit. That will mean that you will have to pack all of your belongings and put them in safe keeping.

Empty house
It’s statistic fact that emptier homes sell much easier than the ones full of the household. So moving your belongings in the storage unit will be beneficial to get your house off the market sooner.

Moving to a Smaller Home

If the place that you’re moving to is lower than your current one, the need for renting storage may present itself. It takes a certain kind of determination to get rid of all the items that can’t fit into your new home. The one that only a few people have. Still, there’s no need to get rid of the things that you love just because you don’t have enough space in your new home. That’s why storage units exist. To give us the safe place to keep the things that can’t fit into our home.

Choose the Ideal Safe Environment for Your Items

Storage units come in various sizes and types. Since different items require different storing conditions, you can choose the most suitable ones for your belongings. Take a look at some of the most common storage types.

Outdoor Storage

These are the most common types of storages because they are the most affordable ones. They are very accessible and you can visit your storage unit 24/7. Outdoor storages are also very secure, but typically they don’t offer climate controlled storage units. That’s why you have to keep in mind what type of items you have to store. Outdoor storage units are suitable only for items that can withstand heat, moisture, and cold. If you have any valuables that are sensitive to the elements, you should be renting storage of a different type.

Indoor Storage

As the name says, indoor storage units are on the inside of the big storage facilities. You have to go in into the facility itself in order to get to your unit. Since security is a bit tighter, you will need a passcode or a key card just to get into the building. This types of storages have the options for climate control, higher security measures, and power outlets, in case you need some or all of these features. For things that are more sensitive to weather conditions always rent an indoor storage unit.

Climate Controlled Storage

As mentioned before, most of the indoor units have an option for climate control. Climate controlled units are always the best option since the protect your stored items from:

  • Mold, mildew and other bacteria
  • Corrosion, rust, and yellowing of the items
  • Splitting, cracking and warping
  • Insects, vermins and other pest infestations
When renting a storage take care of the type of the items that you want to store.
Delicate items such as photographs, musical instruments, business equipment, inventory, computers, wood furniture or other antiques, should always keep in climate controlled unit.

Vehicle Storage

There are storing options for all kind of vehicles: cars, trucks, boats, and RVs. Those are big storage units that are placed outdoor. If you need a place to store your vehicle for a while, this is a much better option than leaving it in the open parking space where it will be exposed to harmful weather elements.

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