What to double-check on the day of the move?

Organizing a relocation is always a serious task. There are so many things to organize before the moving day. While people often make a moving checklist to organize everything better, when the moving day comes, it’s still stressful. That’s why it’s important to know what to double-check on the day of the move. Take our advice and organize it properly on the day of your relocation. 

Things to double-check on the day of the move

The preparation for the moving day is often the hardest part of your relocation. However, you can make this whole process a lot easier if you hire the best local movers Las Vegas. That way, when the moving day finally comes, the job will be easier for you. However, note that there are numerous things you should check before your movers start packing your boxes.

The most important things to double-check on your moving day

Between all those important tasks, maybe the most important aspect is checking the relocation paperwork your movers provide. But after you hire the best movers Las Vegas, this will not be a problematic aspect. On your moving day, the movers will bring you the official moving contract for you to sign. The moving contract should include the official estimate and the costs of services they provide. Hence, it is advisable to double-check all the numbers and services included. Also, don’t forget to compare the official moving estimate with the details from the moving contract. Make sure you don’t get surprised with the price of your move after the relocation is over.

A person signing a contract
Check the moving contract on the day of your relocation.

Moving checklist for the day of your move

As we already mentioned, there are important tasks you should complete so that the movers can provide the most efficient service.

  • Clear the path to your door before the movers arrive

On the day of the move, double-check if your neighbors haven’t parked their vehicle in front of the entrance. Or maybe close to the pathway. Check this area before your movers arrive. Also, don’t forget to move your car and ask your neighbors to do the same. Do this a few hours before movers start to load the moving boxes onto a moving truck.

A pile of cardboard boxes
Prepare moving boxes before your movers arrive.
  • Prepare everything in advance and know where everything goes

Even if you choose packing services from your movers, they will need your guidance and help while packing. Also, they’ll be able to pack more efficiently if you give them information about sensitive items that require special care. Finally, after your movers arrive on the day of the move, give them a tour. That will provide them with the information they may need for packing your home. Along the way, don’t forget to ensure the safety of your items when you’re packing.

  • Double-check if everything is packed

After your movers finish packing your belongings, make sure to check everything, just in case. Especially if you have to move in a hurry. Go through your home and check every room so that none of the items are left behind. Only after this check, give your final signature to your movers. That will confirm that your movers took all the moving boxes.

An opened door in an empty room
Finally, double-check if you haven’t left anything behind.

The summary

To sum up, it’s crucial to double-check everything on the day of the move. Don’t forget this final step and you will have a successful relocation.

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