What to do with kids and pets on moving day

As you already know, every relocation requires lots of preparation and planning. You need to think about every single detail if you want to ensure that the move goes smoothly and without any issues. Of course, that’s easier said than done. When you’re moving with children and pets, it can be especially tricky to accomplish a bump-free moving day. It’s not all about hiring the best movers Boulder City NV, you also need to think about your loved ones. Don’t worry though – that’s why we’re here. We are about to give you some useful tips on what to do with kids and pets on moving day. If you follow these simple tips, your moving day will turn out to be a huge success. So, just keep on reading.

Prepare kids and pets for moving day

Besides hiring one of the best cross country moving companies Las Vegas, another full-proof way to ensure a trouble-free moving day is to make sure there are no surprises. If you’re not moving on your own, but with your family and pets, everybody should be prepared for the relocation. So, to make moving day less stressful, you’ll need to think in advance.

Preparing kids for moving day

Dealing with kids on moving day can definitely be a little bit challenging. In case they’re not ready for the move or they don’t know what’s going on, things can get even trickier. So, to avoid any issues with your children on moving day, you should talk to them beforehand.

A mom with a baby and a little girl - prepare your kids for moving day
Spend some quality time with your kids and tell them all about the upcoming relocation.

You want to be sure your children are aware of the upcoming transition and that they have come to terms with it. Moving can be difficult for kids, so you need to have their back. Talk to them about the move, prepare them for it and offer them your support. Be there to answer any questions and to help them cope with this huge change. This way, you’ll make moving with kids easier by a mile.

You can also make your kids feel included and involve them in the process. If you want them around on moving day, you should let them help you. They can help you clean, pack and label the boxes. They could help by packing up their toys or they could have some fun by drawing on the boxes and making creative labels.

Preparing pets for moving day

Something that’s just as important is preparing your furry friends for the move. They might not know what’s going on, but there are some things that will make moving day with pets a little more bearable. You can’t exactly talk to them and explain what’s going on, but you can get them a little more familiar with the situation.

A woman with a dalmatian
Take some time to prepare your pets for the relocation as well.

For example, if you’re going to be transporting your pet in a pet carrier, consider acquainting them to it. All you need to do is bring the pet carrier out in advance so that your pet gets familiar with it. Leave treats inside and turn it into a comfortable bed where your pet can relax. This way, transportation won’t be as big of a shock to the animal on moving day.

Ask a friend to look after your kids and pets on moving day

Moving day is messy, stressful and chaotic. Throw kids and pets into the mix and you get a bit of a hellish day. Well, in order to save some nerves, you should try to keep children and pets away and occupied. It’s not supposed to sound harsh, this is just the best thing for everyone.

Let’s face it, having kids and pets around on moving day isn’t fun for anyone involved. They would be grateful if you found them a more fun and relaxed place to hang out at. So, call up your friends or family members and see if they could give you a hand. Find a person who enjoys looking after your children or pets and who is free on your moving day. For example, your kids’ grandparents will probably be thrilled to look after their grandchildren while you’re moving.

Hire help

Unfortunately, sometimes we’re in a situation where none of our friends and family members are around to help us out. In that case, the obvious choice is hiring professional help. Luckily, you can hire someone for almost every life situation, and this is no exception. So, if there’s no one to look after your children and pets on moving day, just get a pro to do it.

Find a babysitter

Many people hire babysitters from time to time when they have no one else’s help to rely on. If you have work obligations, a dinner with friends or a stressful moving day on your agenda, hiring a babysitter is a great idea. Find a person who is reliable, responsible, loves kids and has experience with them.

A woman playing with a baby
Finding a good babysitter might be the perfect answer if you’re wondering what to do with your kids on moving day.

This way, your kids will be entertained and taken care of and your hands will be free to cake care of all the moving tasks. However, this doesn’t mean you should forget about your children for the entire day. Call the babysitter to check on your kids, give them updates and see how their day is going.

Get a pet-sitter

Pets might be even more troublesome on moving day as they have no idea what’s happening around them, all they see is chaos and a lot of unfamiliar faces – your residential movers. So, to spare them the confusion and avoid additional stress, your best bet is hiring a pet-sitter. There are plenty of people who adore pets and would love to spend the day taking care of your furry friends.

Be there for your pets and kids on moving day

Whether you decide to find someone to look after them or you prefer your children and pets to be around during the move, you should do your best to be there for them. Don’t neglect your kids and pets on moving day, no matter how stressed you are. And remember, you’ll all be in your new home soon!

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