What household items not to pack when moving to Pahrump

We know that moving is one of the hardest and most stressful tasks you’ll ever encounter. For some people it’s complex for some it isn’t so we as one of the best movers in Las Vegas NV have decided to help you. We want to explain to you what household items not to pack when moving to Pahrump or anywhere. If you decluttered already maybe it’s too late so you’ll have to unpack some boxes and take out some of these items; if you haven’t started packing it’ll be much easier. So you’ll have to remember a lot of things that you CAN’T pack because of the law and regulations. So we’ll provide you with a list of things that you shouldn’t pack when you’re moving. Let’s dive in!

The first group of household items not to pack when moving are chemicals

If you’re a smoker or just a fan of lighters and lighter fluids you shouldn’t carry them with you. These liquids are highly flammable, we know that it’s not Nevada and in the summer, but please leave them behind. If you don’t want to leave any of these hazardous items please dispose of them properly. As we all know they can combust even in the trash can not mention in a hot moving truck, so be extra careful how you’ll dispose of them. We as relocation services Las Vegas get a lot of questions about household chemicals. Well, one item is for sure dangerous and that’s bleaches because they can evaporate, causing fumes, and set on fire. Also, bleach when it comes to contact with vinegar creates toxic chlorine gas.  When you combine it with rubbing alcohol it creates toxic chloroform, it’s famous as knock-out gas (in the movies).

Bottles of bleach placed on a shelf in a supermarket;
Even though we find it useful in our everyday life, bleach can is highly toxic and it’s highly flammable as well.

On the other end of the spectrum what people who are moving from a house might have are weed killers and fertilizers. They are toxic on their own but, like the other household chemicals, they won’t withstand the heat. Also, imagine if you pack all of these chemicals into one box. You don’t want your things and moving truck to go all the Fourth of July but without fireworks.  Because they are also toxic find some experts to help you with this or try to find online solutions on how to dispose of them properly.  So just pack your tools in the pack of the truck and hit the road. If you’ve accidentally packed any of these items ask someone to help you remove them.

Firearms, perishables, and car batteries

First, let’s get started with firearms and ammunition.  We as household movers Las Vegas would like to advise you to tell your moving company that you’re moving these items as well. Firearms and ammunition should be packed and stored properly. Just to be safer you should disassemble the fireman (whichever you have, even a handgun). Also, this is advised to do in colder weather or with a vehicle that has proper air-conditioning. Because if the situation gets nasty, you don’t want to be near it and it can even be deadly. Now for the ammunition, it should always be away from the firearms, even in your house. You should also carry papers in case you get pulled over or in case an unfortunate accident happens. The same goes for crossbows, bows, arrows, knives, etc. any military or hunting equipment, and never forget to keep it away from the kids.

Rotten tomatoes;
Besides firearms and ammunition, things that can rot are as much dangerous as weapons. So throw away all the leftover food or donate it.

Now under perishables, we mean things such as food and plants mostly. These things are dangerous to transport because they can get spoiled, they can die, or even rot. The smell would be unbearable and it can cause bacteria poisoning, which can be deadly. Foods that you shouldn’t move are opened cans, fresh vegetables, fruits, frozen foods, open packages, and anything from your fridge. So the proper way of disposing of this is donating it or giving it to friends and family or homeless people. If the food expired throw it away. Now when it comes to car batteries they contain lead and sulfuric acid. This means that if sulfuric acid leaks it’ll cause a fire.

You shouldn’t move documents and valuables with movers

Another thing that you shouldn’t move with movers is your documents. Especially if you have some projects at work, passports, tax records, accounting statements, files, airplane tickets, stamp collections, or any other collection, etc. These are valuable documents and you should keep them as close to you as possible. Now when it comes to jewelry like rings, golden neckless, bracelets, earrings, diamonds, rubies, etc. keep them closer than the documents. You’ll probably find missing documents, unlike the missing diamond ring.  Although you can take the full value protection, that’s a type of moving insurance. Now we’ll provide you with a list of items that you shouldn’t move at any cost:

  • Fireworks, matches, charcoal, carnosine, and any types of gas or gasoline
  • Nail polishes, nail removals, paint, aerosol, etc.
  • Ammonia, Motor Oil,  diluent agents, and paint thinners
  • Sets of chemicals of any kind, including chemicals for swimming pools
Gray cans of gasoline;
Propane, methane, gas, gasoline, motor oil, etc. all of these things are highly toxic and highly flammable. So don’t even think about putting them in the moving truck.

We as one of the best movers in Pahrump NV would advise you call and ask your moving company if you’re not sure about certain items.

The conclusion

We understand that moving is already complex, but if you have any questions talk with your movers. We as local movers Nevada hope that you liked this post and that it helped you. This is our list of household items not to pack when moving. We hope that you’ll have a nice move and stress-free move.

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