Ways to handle a small move without complications

Handling a move with ease and without any issues sounds like a pipe dream. Every time you move house, you know you should be prepared for a great deal of stress and many unexpected problems. However, there are things that can minimize the issues you face during relocation. If you follow the right tips, you’ll move into your new home while remaining calm and sane. Sounds good, doesn’t it? This is especially applicable to smaller moves that don’t require as much planning. So, we’re about to tell you how to handle a small move without complications and successfully settle in your new home.

What is considered a small move?

When you’re planning a relocation, it might be good to know what type of relocation it is. For example, certain moves are considered small, but what does that mean? Well, if you don’t know whether your relocation classifies as a small one, you’re about to find out.

There are different kinds of relocation that are considered small
  1. Moving down the street – If you’re not even moving to a different neighborhood, but within the same street, you’re dealing with a small move. However, even though it’s a small move because you’re not going far, you’re still moving all of your household belongings, so it’s not as easy as it sounds.
  2. Moving specialty items – Moving things like pianos, artwork, a pool table, appliances, bathtubs and other valuable items isn’t easy. You need professional help for moving these things and these kinds of moves are also considered small.
  3. College moving – Leaving a dorm room isn’t only an emotional process, but it’s also harder than expected. Even though this is a small relocation, you wouldn’t believe how many things pile up during the years even in a small place like college accommodation. The good news is – there are no big furniture items you need to relocate! This means you might be able to execute the move without hiring furniture movers Las Vegas.
  4. One-bedroom apartment or studio moving – When you’re moving into a small space like a studio or a one-bedroom apartment, you probably aren’t bringing too many things. That’s why these relocations classify as small and relatively easy to handle.

How to handle a small move with ease

Now that you have an idea if your relocation is a small one, you can learn all about the ways of handling the move without issues. We’ll give you the 4 best ways to deal with a small relocation. Let’s start.

1. Hire the best professional movers specialized in small moves

Whenever and wherever you’re moving, hiring professional movers is always the best way to make the process easier. When you find one of the top moving companies Las Vegas, it’s safe to say you’ll have a successful relocation. When it comes to handling a small relocation, there are companies that specialize in that. There are local movers, studio and smaller apartment movers who will gladly make your move go as smoothly as possible.

A full-proof way to have a successful relocation is to hire a good, reliable moving company that offers the services you need.

You don’t need to hire full-service movers, you can go for labor-only movers, for example. Another thing you can do is hire specialty companies that are experts when it comes to moving specialty items mentioned above. Also, try to find movers that specialize in small relocations. Keep in mind that, although the easiest, this is the most expensive way to handle a small move.

2. Rent a moving container

Renting a moving container is probably the best way to handle a small move. When you’re moving into a smaller place and you aren’t taking too many things with you, the size of a moving container is just what you need. You’ll most likely be able to fit all of your boxes into one of these containers. Other than that, these containers can double as storage units! Once you rent a moving container, you can keep it for a few months before you manage to sort out your new home. After all, moving to a smaller space can be difficult as you need to downsize. So, having a temporary storage space doesn’t sound bad at all, does it? As you can tell, moving containers are a great 2-in-1 option, so you should definitely consider them.

3. Rent a smaller truck, van or trailer

If you decide against hiring local movers and you go for a small-move instead, you’ll still need to transport your things. Well, the best way to get around transporting your belongings when moving on your own is to get a moving van. There are a bunch of different trucks, vans and trailers at your disposal. So, you can choose the best option for you based on the amount of stuff you have. Dealing with a small move on your own isn’t a bad idea at all and renting something like this will help you along. You might even be able to transport everything to your new place in one go!

4. Use a car and move on your own

Some small moves are even smaller than others. If you’re not transporting any furniture to your new home, feel free to use your car to handle your small relocation. When you’re not bringing a lot of things, your car will do the job. Simply load the boxes or bags into your car and be on your way. It doesn’t matter if some things can fit the first time around, you don’t have to transport everything at once. Who said hiring residential movers LV was the only way to a successful relocation? This is a very simple and cheap way to handle a small move.

Parked black Audi - you can use your car to handle a small move
Your car can definitely come in handy when you’re trying to execute a small relocation.

Are you ready to handle the small move?

Now that you know some of the best ways to handle a small move, you’re ready to pick your favorite. Think about how many things you’re moving to your new home and if you require any special services. Everyone goes for a different option depending on their needs and preferences. So, you should do the same. Not everyone has to hire movers, but not everyone likes to move on their own either. We hope you’ll find the perfect solution for you and have a successful relocation.

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