Ultimate guide for packing and moving small appliances

It is time to move which means you must go through the notoriously boring packing process all over again. Also, you must organize, work on your budget, find movers Las Vegas, and much more. But let’s focus on packing and ensure you won’t struggle too much this time. Specifically with packing and moving small appliances and how to do it stress-free. Let’s go.

Prepare your relocation plan

It all begins with a thorough home inspection. You must figure out the complexity of the move by inspecting all areas of your home. Check out where all your appliances are located and try to find their original boxes. If you still have them that is. If you do not, then calculate how many of those you need and write everything down onto the moving checklist. Later you must order everything online, visit the nearest hardware store, or purchase from your movers. Once you check on your furniture, appliances, and other household items, you can start calculating your budget and prepare to search for movers. Also, you should have your moving checklist with all the steps you must take along the way. Your checklist should include the following:

  • Moving insurance.
  • Budget.
  • Packing plan.
  • Information about movers.
  • Moving services.
  • Legalities.
a woman creating a plan for packing and moving small appliances
Realize the complexity of your relocation and create a moving plan first.

Now, when you have everything nicely written down on your moving checklist and your inventory list, you can contact your apartment movers Las Vegas. The information you gathered will help them assemble a moving plan and provide a precise moving quote. They will work on the affordable and safe relocation plan while you cover your personal moving responsibilities. It is called a good organization.

Find movers to handle this job safely

You will easily find your appliance movers Las Vegas on the internet. Just compare local moving companies between each other and check their prices, services, and reviews. In a matter of minutes, you will spot a few fine choices. Ensure they are legit and licensed, with all tools and equipment for the job. Give them a call when ready and provide all the mandatory information so they can assemble a moving plan and a moving contract. But before you agree on anything, you must review your moving contract several times and ensure everything is ok.

As for relocation services Las Vegas, there are quite a few that can make your life ten times easier. In your situation, packing and moving small appliances will be a piece of cake if you purchase a complete packing service. Movers can bring all the packing materials, pack, and unpack you. It can happen in a day if you wish it so. Talk to your movers and think about it.

Declutter when packing and moving small appliances

Do not worry, we will come to the packing process. But before we do, you must declutter and downsize as much as possible. As you already know, all of us have some kind of broken electronics and appliances in our home. Whether it is a garage or the attic, those places hold a broken-down TV, dishwasher, or simply a box with old clocks, toasters, coffee makers, and microwaves. Therefore, this is just the right time to get rid of it all.

A man working in the garage
If you inspect your garage, basement, and attic, you will surely find appliances worth taking out.

Yes, we understand that you might be emotionally attached to some of it, but it is cluttering your space unnecessarily and you won’t repair it at any point. If you perhaps intend to, you should keep some of it. But the rest should go. So, set aside all those items you want to get rid of, and sell online, give to friends, donate, recycle, or throw away. It will give you more space for new appliances and save you money while relocating. Not to mention that your move will be safer and more affordable.

It is time for packing and moving small appliances

Ok, let us start packing and moving small appliances. We will begin by detaching and removing the power source. It is the most important thing if you want to avoid any hazardous situations. Then, you should empty the appliance of all the liquids, clean them thoroughly, and dry them out. Lastly, remove all detachable, plastic pieces, and blades, and set them aside. Wrap them in a baggie or you can use plastic wrap for this occasion. But be sure to pack them in the same box with the appliance. If there is no space for it, then have a dedicated box with all those pieces but be sure to mark the baggie with the name of the appliance it belongs to.

Two people hugging next to a pile of boxes
Use original boxes. If you do not have them, purchase new cardboard moving boxes.

Once your appliance is cleaned and ready, you should pull out an appropriately sized cardboard box and placed it inside. Previously you will use bubble wrap or a blanket to make a nice cushion inside the box. When your appliance is inside, tuck it in with more blister packs or crumpled paper and close the box. Apply adhesive tape all around the box and you are good to go.

Label everything

The last step and in this case probably the most important one. And it is the labeling system. Some people choose to match the number on the box with the number on their inventory list. In the case of appliances and fragile items, this won’t work. You should add a label with a detailed description, or at least write “FRAGILE” on your boxes. This will raise awareness about the content inside. Otherwise, your movers might handle those boxes poorly and break something. And if you have highly valuable and fragile appliances they can easily get damaged. Therefore, label your boxes in the right way. Each box should have a label on it and they should be clearly visible.

This is it, now you know how packing and moving small appliances should look like. If you haven’t done this before, you will easily do it now. Just remember, be careful with the electricity and sharp objects involved. Everything else should be fine as long as you are patient and focused. Good luck and stay safe.

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