Transporting exotic pets during a move

Pets are a part of many households all around the world. There are many types, but most people own domesticated animals like cats and dogs. But some want to have a rare animal in their home, and they choose exotic creatures. Animals like amphibians, birds, reptiles, and rodents are all considered exotic animals since they don’t belong to groups of commonly owned, domesticated animals. Even though they are not as popular, a surprising 13% of Americans own at least one animal from this category. They require special equipment, care, and sometimes even a permit for ownership. Moving them is also a task that is not very commonly known, and you should consult professionals like Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas whether they can assist you in transporting exotic pets during a move.

How should you prepare for transporting exotic pets during a move?

Very few relocation services Las Vegas providers can assist you with transporting exotic pets during a move. Because of that, you need to gather most of the information yourself. But even though they are special and rare, they have a fundamental need that is common for all pets – attention. Your priorities will shift during a move, and you might not have as much time for them as you usually do. A routine and attention are mandatory even through hectic times, so spend at least 10 minutes daily doing something that they love. Apart from that, other things that you need to do are:

  • Gather information about laws and regulations
  • Take care of the basic requirements of different types of animals
Picture of a person getting ready for transporting exotic pets during a move
All pets need their owner’s attention

Laws and regulations

Every state has different regulations that dictate which animals can be kept as pets, and therefore the ones that enter the state, as well. The institutions in charge shorten the list every year but you can encounter difficulties due to a lack of information. If the state that you are moving to is Nevada, you need to visit the website of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources of Nevada. You can find information on every state, you just need to narrow down your search. The regulations vary greatly even between neighboring states, but most prohibit releasing exotic pets into the wild, alongside other things.

You need to meet basic needs during transportation

Exotic pets are well known for their special needs, and if you are committed to it during the day to day life, moving with some low cost movers Las Vegas cannot change that.

  • Amphibians and reptiles cannot regulate their temperature, so you need to keep them warm during the whole move
  • If you own birds of any size, it will be best to transport them in their cage
  • Heat easily affects small mammals, so do your best to keep them cool
  • You need to keep nocturnal creatures in the dark during the day, to keep their sleeping schedule intact
  • For bigger animals, you will need a special trailer to transport them
Picture of a leopard gecko
When transporting exotic pets during a move, you cannot neglect their basic needs

Transporting exotic pets during a move will require additional time and preparation

Balancing between understanding the laws and meeting the needs of your pet will require dedication and time. As one of the most reputable long distance moving companies Las Vegas, we assure you that every moving task will be handled with utmost care. This will give you time to make the mandatory preparations for transporting exotic pets during a move. We wish you good luck!

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