Top suburbs to live in Las Vegas in 2023

It is no wonder why Las Vegas residential suburbs are getting more and more popular as the years go by. You will find that it offers many attractive options for people looking to move here. This is why Las Vegas is the number one place people tend to move to when moving to Nevada. You are probably familiar with the City for its entertainment industry. You will be surprised to learn that it has no shortage of interesting residential suburbs. The movers in Las Vegas area are here to present you with the top suburbs to live in Las Vegas. What are the best places to move to near Las Vegas? Which one should you choose if you are looking to move here in 2023? You will find your answers in the article we have prepared for you today. Before you hire a moving company, take a look at our list down below and see what suburb suits you the best. Let’s dig in!

What are some of the top suburbs to live in Las Vegas?

The growing popularity of these places in the past year secured them a spot on our list. Therefore, as the things are right now, these suburbs are yet to reach their full residential potential. You will find each and every one of them a unique option. And, as always with lists like these, it only comes to what place suits your needs the best. And of course, which one do you think will be the best to live in? After you pick the right suburb for you, the moving services Las Vegas will do the rest. Now, without further ado, let’s get right into the article!


The town of Mesquite is located in Clark County. It is a small and interesting town located not far from Las Vegas. It is mostly residential but with some of the Vegas’ entertainment aspects to it. This town is popular with retirees and is known as a growing community. Mesquite offers many outdoor activities.

a road connecting the top suburbs to live in Las Vegas
Fun fact: Mesquite is the town furthest away from Vegas on this list

And with almost a whole year worth of sunshine days, you will get to enjoy these activities anytime. We previously mentioned that the town is popular with retirees, but the movers Mesquite NV are regularly assisting families and even singles looking to move here. The conclusion is that there is something for everyone here. Deciding to live here is definitely a decision you will not regret!


The very definition of a Las Vegas suburb. The town of Henderson is located just south of Las Vegas and it is possibly its most popular suburb. And for a reason. It is considered one of the best places to live in Nevada. Its proximity to Las Vegas makes it perfect for people looking to live in a residential neighborhood while still having some urban aspects of living available. The city of Henderson offers everything you will ever need. Anything you can do in Las Vegas you can do right here. Henderson also offers every facility a city needs so that is another positive thing to keep in mind when looking to live here. Whether you living by yourself or you are moving with a family, the movers Henderson NV wholeheartedly recommend choosing Henderson as your new home. The neighborhoods in Henderson are diverse enough, so there is something for everyone. We suggest checking the situation with your movers, they will let surely help you find what you are looking for.


Pahrump is a town similar to Mesquite in many ways. You might not consider these two as Vegas suburbs because of the distance. But in reality, these two towns are closely related to the City of Las Vegas. Other than the many activities they offer, there is also the fact that the cost of living here is much lower than in Vegas. And you still get to enjoy the urban aspects of the City because it is only about an hour away.

laptop on a table
If your work is located in Vegas, consider moving to a town closest to it

In recent years, the town of Pahrump is becoming more and more popular. You will find that it’s a growing community with great potential for living. It is unique in many ways and close enough to Vegas that you can live here even if your workplace is in the City. So, what are you waiting for? With the help of the movers in Pahrump NV you will move here in no time. All that’s left is booking a move!

Boulder City

The small and peaceful Boulder City is a small town near Las Vegas. It is the total opposite of Las Vegas. You will be surprised to learn this since it is only 30 miles away. But this is the very thing that makes it a great place for families. With the City of Las Vegas being just minutes away, it also makes it a great place for people looking to work in Las Vegas.

a road sign and a road behind it
Out of all the top suburbs to live in Las Vegas on this list, these are the ones directly next to the the city itself

This way you will still be able to enjoy the peace it provides, and be away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Contact the moving services Las Vegas and find out why this town is such a popular choice for families moving to Nevada.

Top suburbs to live in Las Vegas within its area

Up until now, we have been listing the towns considered to be Vegas suburbs in its wider area. But what about its actual suburbs? Don’t worry, the local movers Las Vegas have a list for this as well. Here is the list of our top picks:

  • Summerlin
  • Paradise
  • North Las Vegas
  • Enterprise
  • Spring Valley

You can learn more information about them on our site. Also, feel free to contact us if you need any sort of help. Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas are always ready to help you out.

Thanks for reading

As mentioned previously, we are always here to help. We hope this article helped you out in the making of your decision. After all, choosing a place you’ll be living isn’t easy. Whether you have questions about the City of Las Vegas or the moving services, look for the contact page on our site, we are always available for your questions. Thanks for reading and happy moving!

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