Top reasons for moving your office to Las Vegas

The Entertainment Capital of the World draws people in like flame does moths. But people aren’t going there just for fun anymore. The city actually offers a wonderfully fruitful environment for businesses. You probably don’t buy that at face value. That’s fine, you shouldn’t be moving your office to Las Vegas just because the intro of an article told you to do it. Don’t worry, though: we at Triple 7 Movers will illustrate to you exactly why you should at least consider the move.

Before we dive in, though, you should know that a commercial relocation is far from easy. That’s why you need professional cross country moving companies Las Vegas calls home. They know how to organize the move and handle your office items properly, eliminating almost all problems and downtime.

Amazing tax incentives for businesses that relocate to Las Vegas

Perhaps one of the greatest perks businesses enjoy in Las Vegas is the lack of tax pressure therein. In fact, companies that are established there don’t pay any corporate taxes whatsoever. And that’s not all – Las Vegas offers some great incentives (like training grants and tax abatements) for businesses in the United States. Many companies that decided to set up shop there wound up saving millions of dollars after moving. Here are some of the expenses they skim:

  • Estate taxes
  • Franchise taxes
  • Inventory taxes
  • ‍Unitary taxes
  • ‍Inheritance taxes

Again, these are only some motivators that Las Vegas offers. Of course, the city doesn’t just shower businesses with these benefits willy-nilly: there are a few criteria that they hold. That said, these are pretty humble, and odds are that you already meet them. Your business needs capital investment, job creation, and average wages to qualify.

night-time view of Las Vegas metropolitan area
Taxes in Las Vegas are far more lenient than elsewhere in the U.S.

Business-friendly environment in the Entertainment Capital of the World

Besides all the concrete monetary perks of moving your business to Las Vegas, there’s also a “soft” kind of benefit. Namely, the business climate in the Neon Capital of the World is very favorable.

This comes down to a variety of reasons. For one, the city is home to tons of restaurants, from humble diners to lavish entertainment hubs. This grants managers a great diversity of options when it comes to the location for holding meetings and such. And the classical image of higher-ups holding a tête-à-tête while playing golf is as easy as apple pie, seeing that Las Vegas is home to some 50 golf courses.

Overall, this city provides the perfect environment for forming professional bonds, be they with your employees or with (potential) partners. And if you’re quick with your relocation, you can get right to the networking. To that end, professional office movers Las Vegas offers are pretty useful since they can get your business up and running in a jiffy.

“Soft quality” of moving your office to Las Vegas: accessibility to Key Players

Like we already said, Las Vegas is a major attraction point for people. And when moving your office to Las Vegas, you can use that to your advantage. Tons of conventions take place there, most likely due to the sheer number of available venues. And you probably know how tremendously useful conventions are for networking.

Now, traveling to Las Vegas conventions a few times a year is fine and dandy. While it would still be an obvious benefit, you can’t afford to travel there for every event. But on the other hand, imagine how much more access you would have to networking opportunities if you lived there. You could attend practically every convention that has any connection to your business.

High-rise Las Vegas buildings
Amiable taxes are an integral part of what lets Las Vegas enterprises prosper

Lower living costs in Las Vegas

When one thinks of Las Vegas, ostentatious spending and otherworldly luxury often come to mind. But while there is definitely plenty of that here, there’s a side of the city that regularly surprises people when they learn of it. Namely, the costs of living are pretty low, and you can leverage that if you relocate your business to Las Vegas.

To compare, let’s look at the living expenses in a city like San Francisco. The average San Fran resident will spend around $3,000 a month on rent alone. In Las Vegas, on the other hand, a person would spend a relatively minor $900 for roughly the same level of quality. People moving to Nevada, in general, tend to have an easier time with taxes. And individuals enjoy plenty of tax breaks here, too, so they can afford a more luxurious lifestyle, too.

These lighter expenses translate into saving cash when moving your office to Las Vegas, mainly in terms of day-to-day spending and paying for your employees’ rent and other benefits if applicable.

The Neon Capital as a natural catalyst for business growth

The city of Las Vegas is a place that boasts a terrific blend of closely-knit and metropolitan. With a population of around three million, there are certainly more than enough people to form great connections with. But at the same time, everyone seems to magically know everyone else, meaning that networking becomes even easier.

And many of the people living there are keen on forming businesses. Las Vegas counts as the United States’ second-most entrepreneurial city. This gives it a unique spirit of constant evolution and innovation that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. If you relocate your office to Las Vegas, you’ll quickly see how much better your business will perform.

Moving your office to Las Vegas: Street view of a Las Vegas street
Las Vegas offers a special climate for entrepreneurs

Moving your office to Las Vegas: conclusion

Las Vegas definitely has its fair share of fun things to do for both tourists and locals. But it also puts a lot on the table for businesses that relocate to its territory. From various tax benefits to the privilege of always having one’s hand on the pulse of the industry, the United States’ City of Lights can be the perfect soil for your business to flourish.

If you can afford the relocation and have enough employees on board, we would definitely recommend moving your office to Las Vegas. It might be a rough ride at first (though much less so if you hire competent commercial and furniture movers Las Vegas employs), but it will eventually pay dividends. And you’ll also enjoy the honor of living in the entertainment capital of the world. That’s nothing to scoff at, you have to agree.

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