Top 10 wedding chapels in Las Vegas

Tying the knot is one of the most romantic things to do and one that changes your life completely. That’s why it’s important to have a great experience doing it. Marriage is amazing and it’s a huge step for you and your future spouse to create a family of your own. For that reason, we at Triple 7 Movers NV want to tell you all about the great places in Las Vegas you can get married in. Here are the best wedding chapels in Las Vegas according to us.

The Little Vegas Chapel

If you’re a fan of getting married in Las Vegas then the Little Vegas Chapel is the right choice for you. It has a lot of fun and exciting programs and events. However, the thing you want, the weddings, is absolutely stunning. It’s no wonder that moving to Las Vegas has become popular lately so that you can really feel the atmosphere at every ceremony. If you’re a big fan of Elvis ceremonies you will absolutely love the Little Vegas Chapel.

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Wedding chapels in Las Vegas offer you great services

Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel

If you want to have an unforgettable wedding then choosing the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel is a must. From the romantic and elegant weddings to the popular Elvis ceremonies, you can expect a lot of fun combined with intimacy with your partner. There’s nothing better than having a great time dancing around flowers and romantic music, and then switching it up to a festive and party-like ceremony.

Chapel of the Flowers is one of the most visited wedding chapels in Las Vegas

With more than 60 years of marrying happy couples, Chapel of the Flowers is really one of the most traditional wedding chapels in Las Vegas. It has a lot to it and you won’t miss one thing when you enter it with your loved one. Above all, it has a lot of packages to offer. From your basic wedding to romantic and other types of special ceremonies, you can enjoy a beautiful time with your future wife or husband. For that reason, you won’t be disappointed with the Chapel of the Flowers for your wedding.

Cupid’s wedding chapel

Cupid’s wedding chapel is a genuine and lovely place for you and your fiance to finally marry. It offers a lot of perks for you and your guests and makes you feel like you should. The most important people in the world for that one day. There will be no need for our long-distance movers to help you or your guests out as we’ll offer them all the photos and videos from your wedding. Above all, people all over the world will be able to see your wedding as we even offer live streaming of it on the internet.

Chapel of the Bells has to be on your list of wedding chapels in Las Vegas

If you want to get married in one of the original wedding chapels in Las Vegas, then with the Chapel of the Bells you won’t make a mistake. They’ve helped hundreds of couples marry and start a life together. We know how to tell you about the moving quotes Las Vegas, but these guys know how to make both you and your future wife or husband feel special at any given moment. That’s why there are always smiling couples coming out of there as this experience they offer is absolutely the best.

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Enjoy different types of weddings

The Little Neon Chapel

Looking for a wedding chapel that is going to get you more value out of your money? Want to have a romantic and fun wedding? Then the Little Neon Chapel is the right choice for you and your fiancé. You can expect all different types of weddings going down here. From your standard romantic weddings to ceremonies that are held outdoors or with Elvis. You definitely won’t regret picking this chapel if you want to get married in Las Vegas.

Want the best wedding chapels in Las Vegas? Graceland Wedding Chapel must be among them

The Graceland wedding chapel is one that can boast about being the first that did Elvis weddings in Las Vegas. And they still do them. However, they don’t only provide you just with that as they also offer you a different set of services. From romantic to party-like weddings they’ve got it all. If you plan on getting married in the Graceland wedding chapel you can expect only the best service and great fun. You and your future wife or husband will absolutely love it.

Little Church of the West

As a church that has been operating for more than 80 years, the Little Church of the West has helped thousands of happy couples to get married. This might not be a chapel per see, but we wanted to include it on the list. It really has a great feel to it and if you decide to get married here you won’t regret it. This church is just amazing and is able to offer you things that the chapels around Las Vegas just can’t do. For that reason, if you’re more of a church than a chapel couple, feel free to contact the Little Church of the West.

A Special Memory Wedding Chapel

Do you want your marriage to start off with a bang? Then get married in the A Special Memory Wedding Chapel. You won’t regret it. They have different types of wedding services that will definitely leave you happy. From traditional weddings to drive-thru and Elvis ceremonies you can choose from a plethora of wedding types. Get together with your fiancé and find out how great marrying in such a chapel can be.

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Enjoy the Las Vegas wedding experience

Bellagio has one of the best wedding chapels in Las Vegas

Bellagio is one of the most famous hotels in Las Vegas and beyond. That’s one reason to trust them in organizing your wedding day. Above all, they already have thousands of happy couples that did this. For that reason, just come to your wedding and you’ll have entertainment like if you were at a concert. There’s nothing better than having great service at a place that looks magical and will cater to any need you might have.

Marriage. One of the most beautiful things that can happen to a man or woman. It’s a great way to celebrate your love with your future spouse. But most importantly it’s a great celebration of your love and you can make it whatever you want. When it comes to the places we like to see people getting married in, we hope the best wedding chapels in Las Vegas won’t disappoint you. More than everything we want to wish you luck in your marriage!

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