Tips for packing your kitchen for a move to Mesquite, NV

If you decided to move to Mesquite in Nevada, you have made the right choice. It has a thriving job market. There are numerous huge national enterprises in the city, but Mesquite has also been chosen as a commercial site by several multinational companies. Also, finding a home there is easy, because there are houses of all sizes and shapes, with various price ranges. In addition to that, there are many well-regarded progressive public schools, as well as private and charter schools. So, for whatever reason you want to move to this city, it is time to start packing. However, before you call Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas, you need to have everything prepared. Typically, the kitchen is the hardest area to pack. So, read this article to find tips for packing your kitchen for a move to Mesquite.

Organize and plan your kitchen packing

The kitchen is by far the hardest room to pack when you’re relocating. Apart from the fact that there is a lot of material to pack, many of the objects are oddly shaped or delicate, and there is an overwhelming amount of miscellaneous goods that can throw even the most organized packers off. Going into your kitchen and starting packing for a move without a plan is one of the most common moving mistakes, but with a little planning and inventiveness, you can make the kitchen packing process easier and more efficient.

 A woman packing kitchen items
Organize your items before you start packing

Before you begin packing your kitchen for a move to Mesquite, go through and remove the stuff you no longer want or need, just as you would for any other room in the house. Moving is the greatest opportunity to pare down your goods and reduce your load, so take a few moments to sort through what you don’t need. This is especially challenging in the kitchen because there are many items you’ve never used before. However, if you’ve had it for more than a year and have never taken it out of the box, you’re unlikely to do so in the future. Before movers Mesquite NV start doing their job, you have to prepare your part.

Donate things

Kitchen items or food supplies that are in a good condition can be given to friends and family. Also, you can donate those to a local charity-based secondhand shop. You may also see if any local food banks or soup kitchens would accept them. This way you can pack fewer things, but make someone happy at the same time.

Prepare all the items you need for packing your kitchen for a move to Mesquite

When it comes to packing your kitchen and moving to Mesquite, you’ll need:

  • heavy-duty boxes in a range of sizes,
  • packing paper,
  • tape,
  • labeling markers.

You could also wish to invest in dividers made for packing and stacking problematic objects like stemware to make things easy on yourself. Also, purchase some plastic wrap (the sort you’d use to cover leftovers would suffice), which can assist keep stacked objects together and prevent them from shifting about. When it comes to kitchen packing goods, you’ll generally need more than you anticipate. Plan on roughly five small boxes, ten medium boxes, five big boxes, three extra-large boxes, and three rolls of packing paper for a family-sized kitchen (four to five pounds total). You may need to return to the shop for more goods, but this is an excellent place to start when packing your kitchen for a move. If you think that you may have too many boxes and if you wonder: “Will movers near me relocate all of them?”, don’t worry, the answer is yes.

taping the moving box
Prepare boxes and tapes before you start packing your kitchen for a move to Mesquite

Leave items you’ll need to use until the day of the relocation before packing your kitchen for a move

You don’t want to pack up your entire kitchen for a move to Mesquite just to discover that you forgot to bring forks for supper that night. Set aside the important kitchen goods that you’ll need before your relocation. You’ll need some plates, cups, and cutlery for each member of your family, as well as some bowls. Make sure you have a dish towel, dish soap, and a sponge (toss it when you move out). Also, keep any appliances you’ll need while packing, such as your coffee machine. On the day you depart, these may all be packed individually in a kitchen basics box.

Packing pans and stemware for your move to Mesquite

Arrange pots and them in a big or medium box, with the smaller ones snuggled between the larger ones. Add a little piece of packing paper between them. Stuff paper or dish towels into holes to create support around your pots and pans. This will protect them from rolling around in travel. Glass lids should be wrapped in packing paper and placed around or in a different box from the pots and pans.

Pans and pots in kitchen
Pack your pans and pots apart from breakables

For glasses and stemware, customized dividers that fit into conventional boxes are your best choice. Although your glassware is more protected in dividers than out of them, you should nevertheless wrap each item in packing paper. Even if there’s room in the box, don’t place anything on top of your glassware. Glass is far too brittle to bear a significant amount of added weight.

Packing appliances

It’s best if you have the original boxes for your appliances, but it’s fine if you don’t. Tiny appliances should be packed in as small a box as possible. To keep them from moving, use packing paper to thoroughly seal them in the box. Also, fill in any gaps surrounding them. If you’re bringing any major appliances with you, appliance movers Las Vegas will ask you to unplug them, disconnect any hoses, and tape all doors shut ahead of time.


To finish packing your kitchen for a move to Mesquite takes time, so set up at least a few days. Pack your necessities box last and properly mark it. That way you can quickly find everything you need when you get to your new house. When you’re into your new home, unpack the kitchen and enjoy.

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