Tips for packing expensive cosmetics

Having expensive make-up while moving means you have to protect those items with special care. Firstly, because damaging them might create additional expenses. Secondly, because you want to ensure they do not affect other items while moving. Moreover, packing expensive cosmetics must be done so, that you do not suffer any stress from them not being protected. Stress is the first thing you want to avoid when moving. One way to do so is to hire packing and moving companies Las Vegas to help you relocate. When talking about cosmetics, we are talking about sensitive items in sensitive packages that require enough protection during transport. Unlike glass object, these products do not require that much of wrapping. However, taking precautionary measures is always a good thing.

Guide to packing expensive cosmetics

Planning on how to properly pack your cosmetics will help you avoid spills, damage and cracks during transport. Unfortunately, these items have a very fragile nature. More importantly, their damage might inflict additional damage to your other items. That is, if you do not apply enough protection to them. Regardless of age, everyone can use make-up and other cosmetics. That is why, if you are a senior that needs help with relocation, you can hire senior movers to help you do it with ease. Furthermore, the reason why you want to protect your cosmetics is because you want to avoid having additional costs after the relocation.

  • Clean up the cosmetics you no longer need
  • Create a list of all the items you move
  • Use protective material to avoid damage during transport
  • Use cushioning material to stop shock damage
  • Make sure you prevent any spills or melting
a make-up pallet next to a mascara, a brush and a beauty blender on the table before packing expensive cosmetics
Separate your items by fragility or type to make packing easier

Cosmetics are quite fragile. This is both for their packaging and the items themselves. That is why you should pay extra attention when you pack them.

Clean up the cosmetics you no longer need

The first step to making the best out of packing expensive cosmetics is to get rid of items you no longer use or have expired. This way you will not only reduce the chance of items breaking, but you will also create more space. As you go through your make-up, separate the ones you do not want to take with you. Especially the ones that have expired as they can create more damage, thus creating more stressful situations. You can always buy new make-up but you cannot de-stain your favorite piece of clothing. So, make sure you pack only the items that are in good condition and will not pose a threat to other items. Throwing away items you no longer need should be done in adequate manner.

Create a list of all the items you move

Next step is to make a list of all the cosmetics you want to take with you. Write them all down on a piece of paper and see if you are missing anything. This will give you the best insight into how much cosmetics you have. More importantly, it will help you determine how big of a box/bag you need to pack them.

a woman making a list of items in a notebook
Create a list of all the cosmetics you pack to make it easier for you to unpack and know where certain items are

Having a list of items you move will not only help you pack them. It will help you know what items you have in a certain box/bag. More importantly, it will help you unpack easier. Especially if you label the boxes according to items inside. If the items inside are fragile, make sure you label them so the movers know how to handle the box.

Use protective material to avoid damage during transport

Wrap your items into protective material. If you have glass bottles or containers make sure they have enough protection. This will help them endure the transport phase. The transport phase is when most of the items break. Of course, the biggest reason is that they were not properly protected to begin with. So, wrap your items into bubble wrap or newspaper to prevent any potential damage from happening. As you wrap your items one by one, place them accordingly inside the box or bag. We suggest you do not overfill the box with items. Rather you should separate your items into a couple smaller boxes to help you keep track of them. More importantly, the less weight you have in the box the safer the items will be.

Packing expensive cosmetics – Use cushioning material

Cushioning materials help you prevent potential shock damage during transport or handling. They are usually a soft material that allows the product to avoid hitting other items. The best part about it is that you can use soft items you have in your home like clothes, bed-sheets, pillow cases, etc. Basically, anything that is soft will do.

a cardboard box labelled fragile on the table
After you apply enough protection to the products inside the box make sure to label the box as fragile

So, once you wrap your items into a protective material, make sure you fill the gaps between them with something soft. This way, you will protect the longevity of your items and avoid collateral damage during transport.

Make sure you prevent any spills or melting

The last thing before moving you want to do is to make sure nothing will spill or melt. For instance, lipstick can easily melt under higher temperatures. Especially if you wrapped it with protective or cushioning materials. Instead, pack lipstick in your personal bag or an essentials bag, if you have one. Always keep in mind what temperatures are required for each cosmetics. More importantly, make sure nothing spills during transport or packing. This cannot only create a stressful situation but it can also create additional costs. On top of that, you can ruin your cushioning material you used to protect your items. Packing expensive cosmetics requires you to know with what material you are working with. We have no doubt you already know that, so make sure you cater to each product the right way.

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