Tips for moving from Spring Valley to Las Vegas to get a job

Are you looking forward to moving from Spring Valley to Las Vegas to get a job? Congratulations! You are getting closer and closer to your dream fulfillment. After all, if you’re going to be a star, you have to be near the epicenter of all events and that is Vegas. Sin City will welcome you with hands wide open. And that is the real Vegas lifestyle everyone wants. Las Vegas is famous for its high-end hospitality and world-class entertainment. But remember, if you live in the Entertainment Capital of the World, however, day-to-day life won’t be all glitz and glamour. It will be so much more than that! Whatever the reason, you won’t regret moving to Las Vegas for sure. And now we’ll share with you all our tips and tricks for moving to Vegas and living your best life.

Las Vegas bird view
Moving from Spring Valley to Las Vegas to get a job is a wise career move.

Las Vegas, Nevada in a glimpse

  • 169 casinos and gambling establishments
  • 4.1% higher cost of living than the national average.
  • the median home price: $441,048/ the median rent: $1,200/mo.
  • very high temperatures
  • home to the NHL team, NFL team, MLS team, WNBA team
  • the entertainment capital

If you don’t like what you’ve just read or you are repelled by any of these points, then Vegas isn’t for you, baby. And if you do, then hop on in. Our moving company north Las Vegas is ready to take you on this new journey.

What is the job market like in Las Vegas?

Believe it or not, the state of Nevada is the 13th best state in the country for business, according to Forbes. This can be partially attributed to the favorable small business laws in the state. Needless to say, moving from Spring Valley to Las Vegas to get a job is a good move. Especially if you are gifted for entrepreneurship. Who knows? You might make wonders if you start a small business in Las Vegas. As Vegas continues to expand, construction is becoming a growing industry in the city. So if you have a degree in civil engineering, now is the perfect time to move to Vegas. You’d get the opportunity to work on projects like the $1.8 billion Raiders stadium.  In fact, in i2018, the job growth for construction employment was so big that it grew by twice the national average!

However, almost all of the job growth in Vegas can be attributed to the tourism industry in the city. This city and its local economy are driven by the service industry. All of those casinos, restaurants, and tourist attractions require extensive manpower to keep the tourists happy and make them come back year after year. You can relax knowing that you won’t encounter a lack of job opportunities anywhere near Vegas. Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic has slowed things up and stopped growth for a while. But the city is, slowly but surely, coming back to life shinier than ever.

What is it like to live in Las Vegas?

And now we got to the fun part. Whether you are a sports fan, a culture-seeker, a foodie, or the outdoor explorer type of person, you are going to love living in Vegas. And you’re gonna love it, even more, when I tell you that traveling anywhere from Las Vegas is incredibly easy. Just think about your vacation destination choices for next year…I’m sure you’re already sold on the idea. And if you are looking for day trips, you will have plenty of options to choose from. From Valley of Fire State Park to the Hoover Dam and Bryce Canyon National Park to Area 51! Besides being the Entertainment Capital of the world, Vegas is also home to a few of the best hiking and outdoor adventures in the world.

Can you imagine that there are 182 hiking trails available? You’re gonna love it here if you are a nature lover. And if you get tired from hiking during the day and partying at night, you know that you can get cuisines from some of the world’s top chefs on the Strip any night of the week, right? And near the Strip, you have plenty of unique museums and performing arts to enjoy. We’ll name just a few to pique your curiosity:

  • The Smith Center for Performing Arts
  • The Atomic Testing Museum
  • The Neon Museum
  • The Nevada State Museum
Moving from Spring Valley to Las Vegas to get a job
Living in Las Vegas is more than fun.

Tips for moving from Spring Valley to Las Vegas to get a job

When you are moving from a nice family-friendly suburb of San Diego to Las Vegas, you are bound to experience some culture shock. It is all normal. Luckily, we are here to let you in on all the local secrets and some tips and tricks to help you acclimate faster. Oh, and get ready for the hot weather. You will need to acclimate to that too. It’s hot year-round around here. Don’t hesitate on contacting movers Spring Valley NV if you need help with your move. And here are only some of our secrets about Vegas we chose to share with you:

  1. There Are Freebies & Discounts for Nevada Residents. At some casinos, Nevada residents can park for free and they can also ride the Las Vegas Monorail for just $1 per ride.
  2. Contrary to the popular belief, life doesn’t happen on the Strip. Residents of Vegas, seldom visit this tourist trap. Until their old friends decide to visit the town and crash on the couch.
  3. The Strip isn’t even in Las Vegas. Funny, isn’t it?Yes, the four-mile Las Vegas Boulevard corridor, with world-class food and top-notch entertainment, is actually in Paradise, Nevada.
  4. Your circle of friends will instantly increase exponentially. You’ll notice quickly that the moment you announce that you’re moving to Vegas, everyone and their mother will take a sudden interest in your life.
  5. You will drive a taxi or be a babysitter. Though, you will not be paid for it. With so many people working in the service and entertainment industry, there is a good chance that their children will need rides or a nanny. Neighbors pitch in and help each other out which is very nice. Soon enough you will be driving three kids to soccer practice and helping out with homework.
Las Vegas landscape
Hot tip: invest in a windshield sunshade. Thank us later.

Even though we’ve covered a considerable amount of information moving from Spring Valley to Las Vegas to get a job, know that we’ve only begun to scratch the surface. If you’d like to read more, hop on our Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas blog page and you’ll find many interesting things about Vegas and moving to Vegas. If you need help moving, we are more than happy to help out.

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