Tips for avoiding kitchen moving disasters

The kitchen is maybe the most important room of every home. This is a place where each of us used to have fun, prepare food or enjoy conversations with family members. However, the kitchen can also be a place where potential hazards happen. And when you decide to hire one of the finest Vegas moving companies and relocate, the kitchen can become a zone that requires extra attention. There is no doubt,  it will be most difficult to pack your kitchen items.  While you are preparing your kitchen for the move, it’s no surprise to face some of the common kitchen moving disasters. This is because of irregularly shaped kitchen items, slippery floors, cleaning supplies you are keeping under the sink. For these reasons, today we will remind you of tips that will help you prevent disasters in your kitchen during the move. Let’s see what to look out for!

Take time to get organized in order to prevent kitchen moving disasters

When you just imagine that you need to pack up all kitchen items and appliances, you will become nervous. This is because it is so hard to get through the period when your kitchen is out of use. Certainly, you will miss your functional kitchen whether it takes three or more than seven days to move your kitchen. The good thing is that there are so many ways to cope with moving your kitchen and organize your meals during that period. Also, with the help of our relocation services Las Vegas, you could speed up your move significantly. However, before the time for the moving day comes, you’ll need to safety-proof your kitchen. With so many moving boxes full of your kitchen items, it is so easy to trip and fall. So, you will need to prepare before you even start packing your kitchen.

Wooden shelves in kitchen
Take time to plan how to pack your kitchen items.

As you know, the more kitchen items you have to pack, the less space will be left inside of your kitchen. For sure you will place your moving boxes in the corners of your kitchen. Nevertheless, at some point it will be hard to even get in the kitchen with so many boxes in it. So, one of the best advice you can get from our appliance movers in Las Vegas is to declutter before the move. Don’t underestimate the importance of decluttering your kitchen, especially when it comes to preventing kitchen moving disasters. Things are pretty simple, the fewer kitchen items you have to pack, the safer your move will be. With a ton of moving boxes to carry, you will want to hurry up and that can lead you to accidents. So, get rid of all kitchen items you don’t use.

Get rid of everything you don’t need and gather all it takes for packing your kitchen

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, once packing starts, it will become so small. If you are tripping over moving boxes while packing plates and glassware, you could hurt yourself. And injuries are one of the kitchen moving disasters you definitely want to avoid. So, make sure to have enough space in your kitchen where you will pack your items carefully. Put moving boxes aside and clear off a surface where you will do the wrapping and packing of your knives, plates, and other dishes and kitchen items. To do this you will need proper packing supplies and if you don’t have them, purchase packing supplies from the Amazon website on time. Make sure to have packing paper, bubble wrap, enough moving boxes, packing tape, blankets and towels, padding, etc. Create a list of packing materials you will need to pack up your kitchen.

A man using quality boxes to avoid kitchen moving disasters
Using quality packing materials will help you avoid kitchen moving disasters.

Be careful when gathering packing supplies

Pay attention when picking the size of your moving boxes. Remember, don’t pack too many dishes in low-quality moving boxes. If any of the moving boxes rip off while you carry it, you could break dishes but also hurt yourself. Slippery floors could cause serious kitchen moving disasters, particularly when you are carrying heavy boxes full of breakable items. So, get materials you will use to cover your floors and make them safe.

Don’t forget to provide extra packing paper and dish towels for packing your knives. Take the advice from our residential movers Las Vegas and prepare enough plastic wrap for packing flatware and serving utensils. Before you purchase your packing materials, check if you have original boxes for your kitchen appliances. If not, make sure to find suitable boxes for each of your appliances. Use packing paper to completely secure appliances in the box and fill any gaps to prevent shifting.

Other tips that will help you prevent kitchen moving disasters

It is not easy to organize completing all moving tasks related to packing your kitchen. For instance, if you have kids running around while you are packing, you will need to do all it takes to prevent kitchen moving disasters where your kids could be involved. If there is a space under your sink where you keep cleaning supplies, this could pose a risk for your curious kids. While you are busy packing your kitchen items, the shiny packaging of cleaning supplies can look like a toy to your kids. Unfortunately, this could cause a serious kitchen relocation disaster. So, take the advice from our long distance movers Las Vegas and invest your money in quality child lock, this will help you keep those cabinet doors shut. This way chemicals will stay out of reach and your kids safe even if you are busy for a few moments.

A couple holding a plate with bubble wrap
Get all you need to protect your kitchen items.

If you have kids, keep them out of the kitchen while you are packing sharp items. Get help and ask family members to watch them out while you are moving your items out of the kitchen. Before you get to your new home, consider getting smoke alarms for your new kitchen. This will alert your family of any harm and help you avoid kitchen moving disasters. Install your smoke alarms before you start cooking in your new kitchen. We wish you have a safe relocation and enjoy your new kitchen!

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