Time-saving tips from professional packers in Summerlin

Moving is stressful. However, the most stressful part is definitely packing. Packing takes too much time. Most people do not have too much time on their hands due to everyday chores, work, kids, school, etc. For this reason, hiring Triple 7 movers Las Vegas might help as it is always better to have professional assistance. If you plan to pack your items yourself, then, here is something that can help you. These would be the best time-saving tips from professional packers. Who are you going to listen to if not professionals? Therefore, here is how to make your packing process less stressful and more effective. 

Time-saving tips from professional packers – start in advance 

How to save time? Start on time. It sounds simple but it might be one of the best time-saving tips from professional packers. Starting your moving preparations early is a must. Usually, most people know their moving date well in advance. For this reason, you should find Summerlin movers, make your moving and packing schedule, and plan everything well in advance. Give yourself enough time to finish all these moving tasks before your moving day. You might be wondering how much time you will need. This depends on your situation.  

  • The type of relocation – you will need the least amount of time for a local move, then more for long-distance one, and the most for the international relocation. 
  • The size of your household – again, you will have less time for a small apartment, more for a house, etc. 
  • Your speed – it depends on your skills and willingness.  
person reading about Time-saving tips from professional packers on laptop
Make sure to create a moving checklist

How to make a packing schedule 

As you can see, you should make packing or moving checklist. Why is this important? You need to manage your time properly. It is hard to organize your time if you do not put it on the paper. Write down all the tasks you need to do. Then, see how many tasks you can finish in one day. Again, this depends on your speed, everyday chores and obligations, the size of your household, and so on. Nobody understands your abilities and body better than you do. For this reason, plan your move the way you want. Some people can pack an entire room in one day. Others can pack two rooms. Some can pack only half of a room. Therefore, be specific when making your plan. However, make sure to closely follow your plan. Do not procrastinate.  

Time-saving tips from professional packers – know what to leave behind 

How to save time on packing? Do not pack everything. First, there are certain items your movers will not transport. These include flammable materials, corrosive and explosive items. In addition to this, you cannot move perishable food, ammunition (in most cases), and items of extreme monetary value. These are all forbidden by the law. Therefore, your movers are not allowed to move these items. If you really want to have them in your home, transport them yourself or buy the new one. On the other hand, you should also declutter your home. It is unnecessary to move every single item you own, especially clothes you have not worn in years, items you have to use for a long time, and generally all the things that are in bad condition. Save time and money by leaving these things behind 

yellow sign on the fence
You cannot move anything that is dangerous

Gathering your packing supplies in advance 

When it comes to gathering packing supplies, you have two options. First, you can get all the packing supplies from your movers. This definitely saves time but it does not save your money. The second option is to gather packing supplies on your own. This can be time-consuming. However, it will be beneficial for your moving budget. In order to save time here as well, gather all the necessary packing supplies before you start packing your belongings. Here are a couple of suggestions. You will need moving boxes. Therefore, you can get them from your local supermarket, stores, offices, etc. You can also get the shredded paper from the office to use instead of packing peanuts. As for protective materials, you can use newspapers, bubble wrapping, clothes, sheets, towels, etc. Most of these you already have in your home.  

More time-saving tips from professional packers you should listen to 

Professional packers have a lot of things to share.  

  • Labels – labels will save you time when you unpack all the boxes. When you already know all the contents, you can unpack your boxes strategically.  
  • Packing in stages – packing takes time as you might have guessed by now. For this reason, do not underestimate the size of your items. You might need more time than you anticipate. In addition to this, it is extremely important to follow your schedule. Otherwise, you might work overtime.  
  • Essential boxes – you need to pack essential boxes. These bags/boxes should include your personal documents, medications, a change of clothes, electronic devices, and chargers for the same, etc.  
  • Garbage bags – they are perfect for packing your clothes. You can save both time and money if you use garbage bags for your clothes. Later, you can reuse the same bags for leftover packing supplies.  
person folding clothes
You should pack your items at the pace you are comfortable with

Get help 

It is difficult to pack alone. If you are short on time, you should get help. First, ask your friends and family. Usually, they would help you without asking anything in return. This could be a good excuse to spend some time together and do something useful. If you are moving far away, this could be a great chance to hang out. Who knows when the next time will be. In addition to this, you can treat your friends and family with lunch or dinner. If you have kids, give them tasks as well. They can be responsible for packing their rooms. This depends on their age. If you have small children, your family again can help you by looking after your kids while you pack.  

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