Things you will miss after leaving Las Vegas

Officially the City of Las Vegas is one of the craziest cities in the world. Vegas is widely known as a Sin City due to its high tolerance for different kinds of adult entertainment. Therefore, it is one of the cities where you can get broke in no time. Gambling, shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and legendary nightlife are what attract millions of tourists to visit this unique place all year round. When you’re moving out of Las Vegas, movers Las Vegas to Reno will help you relocate instantly. With their help, you will execute a move without any problems. Furthermore, when moving, there will be many things you will miss after leaving Las Vegas. There are many things you’ll miss, read the list and find out.

las vegas panorama
There are many things you will miss after leaving Las Vegas as this is one of the liveliest cities around the globe.

Las Vegas Nightlife

Las Vegas nightlife is the best in the world. The atmosphere in the town during the night is something barely describable. With all the bars, clubs and discos it’s impossible to get bored in this city. Yeap, it’s true this city literally never sleeps. You can enjoy parties and many other things whenever you think of it. If you’re a party animal and love to rave all day long, you’ll definitely miss this thing when you leave Vegas. One of the best experiences in Las Vegas is a pool party on the 11th floor of The Cromwell resort. You can enjoy drinks and a beautiful panoramic view of the Strip. There are also many more locations where you can experience the pool party atmosphere. If crazy nightlife attracts you so much that you start to think of moving here, hire movers Las Vegas. They’ll relocate you quickly and safely and you’ll be able to enjoy the city immediately.

The light beam of the Luxor

No matter if you love gambling or not, this unique place is definitely a place to visit. Luxor is a hotel and casino in the shape of a giant black pyramid. with a great statue of Sfinga located at its entrance. When you’re there, you’ll have a feeling of being in Egypt. What makes this place even more special is a powerful light beam at its top shooting the sky. Las Vegas movers rates are one of the reasons you may want to move there. With Las Vegas professional movers you can get the best relocation experience ever.

Trying your luck

The fun never stops in this cheerful place. There are casinos around every corner, from the airport to the center. They go from cheap ones to some of the most luxurious gambling parlors in the world. Even if you do not like to play cards that much, these places are fun to check as you can meet diverse people from all around the world. But it is hard to resist doing at least one round and try your luck. Check out the famous places and feel like you are in a movie with pretty girls serving drinks as the wheel of fortune keeps turning.

a gambling table
Gambling and the sound of jackpot are definitely something you’ll miss.

Shopping at the Container Park

The atmosphere of this open-air shopping center is unique. There are many shops, cafes, and bars where you can enjoy drinks on your own or with your beloved ones. Also, many free music concerts take place in the Container Park.

Leaving Las Vegas

It may sound paradoxical, but you’ll definitely miss one-day trips to California. Fuel the tank and invite friends, and you can get to LA in just a few hours. Many people go to LA in the morning and return at night, If you have enough time, you can also visit San Diego or Santa Barbara where you can enjoy beautiful beaches.

Adrenaline rush experience in Stratosphere

If you are not afraid of height, you know this is one of the things you will miss after leaving Las Vegas. The Strat Hotel, Casino and SkyPod offers you many fun activities. When you reach the building’s top, which is the tallest building west of the Mississippi you can enjoy many rides. But remember, those rides are only for the bravest. Big Shot, X-Scream, Insanity, SkyJump Las Vegas are the most popular rides. SkyJump Las Vegas is the scariest one holding the Guinness World Record for highest commercial decelerator descent. Believe it or not, but you can enjoy a bungee-jumping-like ride from an 829 ft high point while being attached to a high-speed descent wire.

a panorama of Las Vegas
The Strat hotel is one place where you can get a huge dose of adrenaline.

The Electric Daisy Carnival

If you’re a regular festival goer, you know what EDC means. Electric Daisy Carnival is the biggest electronic dance music event in the USA. Many famous music artists come to Motor Speedway every year to have fun with the audience. One of the coolest things about this festival is its dress code. You need to dress up in shinning neon outfits. With so many people dressed in neon, your eyes will be on fire. So, moving out means skipping ECD which is one of the main things you will miss after leaving Las Vegas.

Seven Magic Mountains

Another thing that you will miss is the lights and the festive atmosphere that rarely leaves this city. All the neon colors and people roaming around sure make an impression. Things sure get magical at Seven Magic Mountains, the famous art installation of magnificent seven columns in enchanting colors. It is an avant-garde project that was meant to stay for two years only, but the colors kept people interested and the tempting project is still around to fascinate people.

Let the light shine on you

Even Elvis sang about Las Vegas. Everywhere you go, you feel the vibes of the King. There are shows with impersonations, karaoke nights and you can stumble upon so many famous people here. People come to this city to get married by Elvis, and it seems that the place celebrates his life throughout the whole year. With so many festivals and events happening, it is impossible to get dull here. It offers everything from juicy stag/hen nights to the mesmerizing Cirque du Soleil shows. So many celebrities live in this colorful city and you have a great chance of bumping into them.

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