The main pros and cons of using plastic moving boxes

Relocating to a new area, city, or even a new state can be really exciting. You get a chance to meet new people and explore the area. You will also probably get an opportunity to lead a different lifestyle. However, there are also not so fan parts of relocation. That includes preparation before Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas arrives to relocate you. You should find the right moving supplies, spend time packing, and make sure everything is protected from getting damaged. That’s why you should be using plastic moving boxes.

Let’s start with the pros of using plastic moving boxes

Plastic boxes are better for the environment

So, if you choose some of the relocation services Las Vegas has to offer, you should ask your movers if they have plastic boxes. If you use cardboard boxes you will probably dispose of them after the relocation. They are pretty fragile, get weaker and thinner with time, and if they ever get wet, they will get moldy and fall apart. Plastic boxes, on the other hand, can withstand much more weight, and damage, and never get damaged by mold. If they get dusty you can clean them with a wet towel and you are ready to reuse your boxes. You can repeat that for the rest of your life.

A plastic box is full of clothes.
Using plastic moving boxes more than just once is actually very good for the environment.

Plastic boxes will definitely save you time

If you aren’t the biggest fan of tape, using plastic moving boxes will be a great decision. Tape cardboard boxes after packing. Also, they often need to be assembled and reinforced. All of this takes a big chunk of your time and that’s why plastic boxes are so much better. Not to mention that even if your movers Las Vegas cost less than average, all the stuff you’ll need to pack and seal a cardboard box will make the price of relocation go up.

Using these will save you money

Being among the experienced cross country moving companies Las Vegas has, we can advise you to opt for plastic boxes to save money. They may be a bit on the pricy side, but if you know that you will move again sometime in the future, this investment will pay off in the long run.

Cons of using plastic moving boxes

They might be expensive if you’re moving only once

People who tend to move a lot will find using plastic boxes very efficient. However, if you will relocate only once in your life, buying a plastic box might seem like an expensive investment. That’s why a lot of people opt for cardboard boxes.

A few glasses are on the table.
A cardboard box might be a better idea for glass and pottery when relocating.

Using plastic boxes isn’t the best idea if you have fragile items

Stuff that’s glass or pottery usually goes well with soft material to soak up any bumps and hits. That makes fragile items much safer. Using plastic moving boxes isn’t the smartest decision when you have fragile items that you want to relocate. So, if you have fragile items, keep them in cardboard boxes or be careful during transportation.

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