Staying safe during a Las Vegas move

The coronavirus has quickly spread all over the world, and most governments have put themselves in lockdown. And for good reason: the virus proves pretty dangerous to a lot of people. If you’re in the middle of a move, though, you can still go through with it – you’ll just have to take a few precautions. Here are some terrific tips for staying safe during a Las Vegas move during the coronavirus pandemic.

Hire responsible movers

The first thing you ought to do is to find a conscientious moving company that’s aware of the severity that the current situation implies. That means that their staff should respect a few guidelines:

  • wear all the necessary hygienic gear: masks, gloves – the works
  • respect your personal space
  • stay some six feet away from you at all times
  • refrain from touching things they shouldn’t
  • wash their hands regularly

There are plenty of movers in Las Vegas, but not all of them fit the bill in this sense. So, you’ll have to do a little bit of research to find one of the top moving companies Las Vegas has to offer. Talk to the companies of your choice to see what their safety policies are. If they suit your fancy, then great! You’ll have a much easier time staying safe during a Las Vegas move.

Clean your boxes and furniture

Statistically speaking, you will most likely want to hire some of the finest furniture movers Las Vegas has on offer. They will do their job admirably, but the current pandemic calls for a little more care on everyone’s part. And the least we can do is maintain a certain level of cleanliness. 

This means that you should scrub down or otherwise sanitize your belongings. Clean every piece of furniture and all of your boxes. Use a disinfectant and be thorough. Of course, you’ll want to do this both before and after your Las Vegas move.

Staying safe during a Las Vegas move by keeping your distance

The coronavirus spreads pretty easily from one person to the next. In fact, there needn’t even be any touching involved: one cough or sneeze is enough to proliferate it further. That’s why the general advice of maintaining a six-foot distance from everyone exists in the first place.

So, if you have movers coming over to your home, don’t get too close to them. This especially applies if you’re an older individual that is perhaps hiring senior movers since elderly people are more vulnerable to the coronavirus. This isn’t to say that your movers are dangerous disease carriers – they will surely come well-equipped for a sanitary move. However, some caution in a situation like this is always welcome.

Staying safe during a Las Vegas move
Two meters (six feet) is a safe distance for preventing infection

Open your windows and doors

We already mentioned that the coronavirus can spread through the air. But it can also survive on surfaces for a long while. Experts estimate that the virus can stick around on surfaces for either days or hours, depending on the material. The problem for you is that moving is a physically active process, and it can send tons of particles flying in the air. Unfortunately, this also includes the virus, so staying safe during a Las Vegas move can get fairly tricky.

There’s something you can do to stop this from presenting a danger, though. Opening up all of your windows and doors would create a strong draught (hopefully). This current of air would whisk any floating particles out of your home, even the coronavirus. Doing this will also make your Summerlin movers‘ job easier since it provides them greater ease of movement, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

open window
open your windows and let the draught do its magic

Carry your gloves and mask for staying safe during a Las Vegas move

The most vital piece of advice given about protection from the coronavirus is to keep your hands clean and away from your face. This is because we use our hands to interact with our environment a lot, making them very likely to touch a compromised surface. Our faces, meanwhile, provide an easy entry into our bodies, particularly the respiratory system.

Therefore, gloves and masks are near-essential to keep you safe. Have them on whenever in a risky environment. So if you’re moving to Nevada, have them on during the whole process: packing, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking. If you can’t get your hands on either a mask or gloves, washing your hands often and thoroughly, as well as refraining from touching your face, should suffice.

gloves, mask, and hand sanatizer
These are your pillars of health and safety when moving

Use new boxes

Las Vegas has tons of boxes you can use for moving, so that shouldn’t bother you. That said, you might have to write most of them off due to the current situation. You see, the boxes you would normally try to get for free could be exposed to the virus. You don’t know where they’ve been, after all.

For that reason, buying a new box rather than a recycled one might prove the wiser choice. New boxes pass through far fewer hands, making them significantly less likely to carry any contagion. Thus, you will be much safer with these boxes than with some that you picked up from your local grocery store.

To sum up…

The coronavirus has created a lot of disruption across the globe. The Las Vegas moving industry, luckily, still functions more or less at the same capacity as before. It only has a few precautions in place to prevent more spreading of the virus.

But you also need some precautions of your own. Keeping everything of yours clean, hiring responsible movers, keeping a safe distance – all of these measures will cut off most of the risk of infection. The above tips will go a long way towards staying safe during a Las Vegas move.

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