Special moving services and when do you need them

Relocation is a pretty hard task for many reasons. One of them is that you need to pack up all of your belongings and move them to your new home. While it may be considered relatively easy to move things like clothes, books, toiletries, and such, there are some things that will require quite a bit of effort. That’s why many reliable movers like top moving companies Las Vegas offer special moving services for their clients. Let’s see what some of them are and when do you need them exactly.

What is a specialty moving?

Specialty moving is for special and priceless objects of all sizes. Some items, including pianos, pool tables, and priceless artwork, require special handling and shipping instructions in order to stay undamaged. For this reason, we highly recommend using moving services Las Vegas, just to make sure your special items get to your new location in one piece. Professionals will always make sure you have a stress-free move.

a man and a woman working together providing special moving services
Bulky and heavy items should handle specialized professionals

What types of items require special moving services?

Items with very big dimensions, high intrinsic worth, or special care and handling instructions may require special transporting requirements. Pianos, pool tables, works of art, crockery, grandfather clocks, antiques, and even big-screen TVs are examples of common household items.

For example, a specialized mover can carry your car and deliver it to your new house safely if you own more vehicles than you can drive. This is especially helpful if you’re moving a long distance and intend to fly for some or all of the journey. Your auto insurance provider will be pleased to learn that shipping or freight movement is being handled by experts if you use a specialty mover to organize it.

In addition to cars, boats frequently require specialized movers. Boats are also something you need to take good care of in order to maintain their integrity. Because of their size and weight, you need to handle them with great care. Remember that in-deck hot tubs and other home additions may also be mobile. Therefore, if you need to move your hot tub, hot tub movers Las Vegas are at your service!

Jet skis, kiteboards, sails, and other oddly shaped watersport equipment may also require special moving services.

How do specialty movers handle these items?

It is evident that some goods, regardless of size, simply cannot fit onto a truck. What unique equipment do specialized movers have then? What techniques do they use to pack and transport your large and specialty items safely? A specialty mover’s day can depend on a number of factors.

A specialty mover typically has access to unique pallets, wraps, crates, and tie downs. Some goods can be safely fastened with rope and transported on a flatbed. A specialty mover can supply the particular crating that is needed for other things. It is simpler to move items that are on a pallet. For example, professionals like safe movers Las Vegas use this method to move heavy safes that they cannot lift by hand.

a guy in a blue jumpsuit writing
Specialty movers use special moving equipment to safely transport your valuable items

Make things easier for your movers

It can be helpful to make some preparations before the specialized movers arrive so that the job goes smoothly for both of you. Before hiring them, provide them with as much information as you can about the objects you wish to deliver. They can then provide you with the most accurate quote and assist you in estimating your costs. To find the best fit for you, don’t be hesitant to request multiple quotations from different businesses.

The specialty movers can decide what kind of tools and equipment to bring in order to carefully package up your specialty things if you provide them with the precise type, size, form, and dimension of your specialty items. For example, if you need to move your refrigerator, let your appliance movers Las Vegas know what kind of refrigerator they will be moving, its dimensions, etc. 

Where do you start?

List all of your goods that are especially heavy, delicate, or valuable just because they are. Utilize your list of questions when your movers give you your moving quote. You should probably pick a sizable, nationwide moving company if you require a specialty mover. Local companies might not have the personnel, tools, or expertise to transfer your special possessions.

a woman sitting outside and writing
To help your movers, make sure to list all your belongings that require special care during transport

Custom crates can come in handy for your specialty move. Moving and storage firms create custom containers to fit a specific shape and safeguard your belongings. Chandeliers and priceless antiques are examples of fixtures that are worth the investment. To save wear on the upholstery and polish, furniture can also be strategically packed or placed into special crates.

Additionally, movers can make frame guards to shield the outside of your paintings and photographs, and custom boxes are ideal for storing artwork. For guitars and amplifiers, specialized boxes are available for keeping goods that are sensitive to humidity or temperature.

What are some other special moving services professionals offer?

Appliance installation 

It can be challenging to connect your huge appliances if you are not handy or if you’ve lost the installation instructions. Paying your movers to install your appliances is frequently a lot simpler than fiddling with electrical wires and pipes. To assist you to set up your washer, dryer, and other appliances in your new house, hire a moving company that you can confide in.

Rigging through windows

Stairwells and door frames that are too small can be causes of a difficult move. If all other attempts to get the furniture up the stairs have failed, you may need to use specialist equipment to hoist the furniture through windows. If you use a moving company that uses a rope-and-pulley rigging technique, the harm to your possessions when lifting them through a narrow opening will be much lower.

Assembling furniture

Without expert assistance, assembling and disassembling your furniture can be very challenging. If you attempt to fuss with challenging assembly jobs, you face the danger of simply destroying or damaging your possessions. Your huge furniture may be moved to your new house safely by movers who offer special moving services and are skilled at disassembling it.

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