Should You Tip Your Movers?

Everybody knows that the majority of people would do anything instead of moving. Meticulously planning it pushes our buttons. You’re being overwhelmed with ample moving-related pieces of information. Tightening the belt seems outrageous, given so many expenditures. Not to mention all the moving quotes Las Vegas making moving on a budget stressful. What’s more, you’re fed up with being a detective making sure you’re not about to do business with con artists. On top of this, you’re overwhelmed with so many details to take into consideration when relocating. Why and how much to tip your movers, to begin with.

Don't hesitate to tip your movers for a job well done
How much you should tip your movers?

Why Should You Hire Movers in the First Place?

Does even the mere thought of having to relocate make you a bundle of nerves? Why do you think it scares you that much? Would you dare opt for a DIY move? You would? Really? How sure are you moving under your own steam is your best bet?

On second thought, hiring commercial movers Las Vegas is fairly assuring moving is going to run like clockwork. So, reaching to a moving company is what you should do without a shred of a doubt.

Naturally, for a job well done, you should reward your movers. How? We have a three-letter word for you: tip. This is a token of your appreciation and gratitude for their immense help. Tipping is a common way of showing you cherish they went through great lengths to give you a hand moving.

How Much Money is Acceptable When it Comes to Tipping?

Well, actually, this might be a minor bump in the road. Many people are unsure about what the right amount of money is sufficient to tip the movers.

On one hand, you don’t want to make the rookie mistake and underpay the moving crew. Apart from being rude, this may be considered offensive, too. This is how you can easily humiliate your movers.

By contrast, overpaying is bad as well. Tipping too much might create a false impression about you being loaded. You must be having money to burn when you can tip that much.

In brief, you can tip about 20$ per mover. This is quite an acceptable tip. Needless to say, you may tip even more if you’ve hired full-service movers Las Vegas. In that case, let’s say 40$ per mover is enough.

make use of a calculator when deciding to tip your movers
Don’t be stingy when tipping

What to Take Into Account When Tipping?

Every relocation has its own peculiarities. Movers can rarely pull off the same move twice. This is true because there are ample factors influencing the tip.

For example, if you live on a top-floor high-rise condo, and the elevator is out of function, you should be very generous when tipping. Why? Because your movers have to carry heavy weight up and down the stairs several times. Consequently, they put into a lot of physical effort. With this in mind, you might consider increasing the tip, especially in case of a long-distance relocation in Nevada.

The same goes for living off the beaten track. If you live remotely, it affects relocation immensely. The gas fees only will be through the roof. Not to mention endless hours of driving a loaded moving truck. Being on alert for this long deserves a decent tip. Don’t you think?

Health Hazards Increase the Tip

Moving is a hazardous job. Movers are constantly at risk of severe moving injuries. For instance,

  • a limb fracture
  • a serious spine injury
  • a digit injury
  • a shoulder injury
  • a knee injury

is only a wrong move away. You ought to respect the fact they stick their neck out to help you up sticks. The best way to show how much you value their assistance is to tip them a little bit more.

Besides, just think how you would feel if had to move your bulky and heavy household items single-handedly. To do that from scratch is mission impossible, right? How would you relocate a bunk bed, to begin with? Are you skilled enough to fit bed frames in an elevator without getting hurt? Remember this when deciding about the amount of money you are willing to spend when tipping.

an ancle fracture
Think of moving injuries

Tipping is Weather-Dependent

The best-case scenario is to relocate in the fall. The weather is nice, there’s a breeze refreshing you every now and then. Temperatures are quite pleasant. Correspondingly, you will be able to carry out an enjoyable relocation.

Then again, you can’t choose the relocation date. The sooner you make peace with that, the better. Baking hot days are unbearable. It gets worse when you need to move in July or August. You’re constantly having the feeling your about to melt. And you’re empty-handed. Movers, however, have to lift heavy boxes in spite of the blazing sun.

Likewise, moving in winter is no better. Relocating your household when it’s freezing cold outside is daunting. The icy concrete is an accident waiting to happen. So, tip your movers more than you would do otherwise. After all, they’re having their head on the block for you. Can you avoid stress on moving day? Neither can your movers.


All in all, deciding how much money you should spend tipping your movers is anything but easy. You ought to consider factors such as harsh weather conditions, the risk movers take on a daily basis to help you out, health hazards they face while doing so. Next, you need to think in terms of the effort they need to put into moving your household. Namely, a flight of stairs, or your remote location. Moreover, what affects most whether you should tip your movers is the very fact they’re doing the hard work on your behalf. The tricky part is not to cross the line in terms of the amount of tip money. You don’t want to underpay thus humiliating them. By the same token, you shouldn’t overpay their services.

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