Should you move your outdoor furniture to Henderson?

We know that moving is a stressful and complex process. So we at Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas would like to help you with it. Today we’ll talk about whether should you move your outdoor furniture to Henderson. If you’ve taken care of it properly and if it’s not too old, why not? We mean you should probably move it if you don’t want to update your next house with some new furniture pieces. Let’s dive in and see what can you do about it!

Check your outdoor furniture before moving it

As we’ve already mentioned you should check the furniture first. We as movers Henderson NV have seen a lot of people who moved items that were too old, rusty, or simply not for use anymore. We know that people can get attached to certain things, etc. but if it’s too old or falling apart we suggest you leave it. If you want maybe you could store it or restore it to its previous condition. Also if you’ve decided to move it, before you start packing check out the furniture for any hidden surprises. Things like mold, bumble bees, spiders, and even snakes, and lizards, can crawl into some of these things.  If you don’t want to move these things you’ll simply save more money. If it was cheap, you don’t have any sentiment attached to it, or it’s old, rusty… Then we would recommend throwing it away.

Cleaning your outdoor furniture

First of all, you all know that things that are outside are exposed to fierce weathering conditions. Some of them are rain, sunlight, wind, dust, dirt, and snow… this will affect and make your furniture much dirtier than the one you have on the inside. By the way, you should also clean inside furniture before moving it or disassembling it. We as a company that offers relocation services Las Vegas can tell you that a lot of people just tend to pack it right up, or directly onto the truck if possible.

Modern garden furniture;
You should be careful when you clean your furniture, try not to damage it.

That is wrong, as, with any other piece of furniture, it should be cleaned properly. So use a garden hose or something and some chemical products for cleaning. If you want to be all-natural there are plenty of solutions online, so pick one that suits you the most. After you’ve washed the furniture, be sure that it’s all dried, because if it isn’t mold can appear, and that’s terrible. Also by cleaning your gardening furniture you’re lowering the risk of any damage being done to any other belonging that you have. This means that someone can slip on anything that falls off the outdoor furniture, such as leaves, dirt, water, etc.

It’s important to disassemble furniture and pack it correctly

We as local movers Nevada would advise you to disassemble everything that you can. This way you’re saving a lot of space in the moving truck/van and you’ll save extra money on packing supplies. Most plastic or any other kind of garden chairs can’t be disassembled, so don’t bother with them. If you want to disassemble things like a table with a glass top or anything else that is so big. So if you want to do it properly just follow these simple steps:

  • Remove the glass and wrap it in packing paper (used for mirrors)
  • Bubble wrap the glass (or mirror) and tape it all around
  • Place the mirror (glass) into moving blankets (a.k.a. furniture blankets or furniture padding)
A woman wrapping a book in a library, while thinking about wheather she should move her outdoor furniture to Henderson;
Wrapping paper is useful if you need to move your outdoor furniture or any other fragile items.

Now if any piece of furniture has something fragile, remove it. Does this mean that you shouldn’t remote items that don’t? Well of course not. If you have questions, wash them, dry them and pack them in proper boxes, you can wrap them in packing paper and throw them in the box. This is also eco-friendly because you can use them as a soft place for some other things. For example, put toys or books between them. Now another thing that you should do is record all the disassembling process or take photos; this can help you if you’re not sure how you’re gonna assemble it later. Don’t forget to label all of the boxes and use tiny boxes or little zip bags for screws and tiny parts. So you’ll need markers, pencils, paper, sticky notes, etc. In the end, just use tape to seal all the boxes properly.

It’s time to move it

Now finally after cleaning, drying, disassembling, and packing comes the moving part! Now that you’ve done all of that, you just have to carry boxes and other items to the truck. When it comes to putting all of these things together in a tight space, think about what household items not to pack when moving. There’s a long list of them so better be safe than sorry, and worst of all is that most of them are items that we use in our everyday life. If you’ve checked everything and packed, congratulations, it’s time to move! Just be careful because this outdoor furniture is usually light, it’s not like heavy indoor furniture. If you don’t have anyone to help you, please consider hiring pros, so you can avoid back injuries or damaging your furniture.

A professional mover standing in front of a loaded van, while holding a box;
If you can’t do it yourself think about hiring a well-trained professionals to help you and make your move less stressful.

Thank you for coming here today and reading our blog! We hope that you now understand why should you move your outdoor furniture to Henderson. We’ve provided you with pros and cons. On the other hand, it’s entirely up to you, so you decide for yourself. Just don’t forget to wash it, clean it, and get moving and packing supplies, and you are all set. So we hope that you liked our article and have a great move!

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