Sell your house in Las Vegas – tips and tricks

Selling a house is not an easy task. There are a lot of things you should take care of before putting your house on the market. You have to have a good strategy and prepare well for this event. Here are some tips and tricks on how to sell your house in Las Vegas.

painting wall with paint roller
Adding a fresh layer of paint to your walls on the inside and the outside of the house is an easy way to make it look cleaner

Before you start 

In order to successfully sell your house in Las Vegas, you should think like a potential buyer. You should objectively look at your place with all its good and bad sides. Try this mini exercise – step out of your house and be outside for a couple of minutes. Go in and focus on what you see. Avoid trivial things such as mugs on the coffee table or a pile of laundry in the corner. Look at the bigger picture. What is good about this place? What is bad and how can it be improved? Your goal obviously is not to spend a crazy amount of money making your house look like a replica of the Versailles. What you want to do is make a couple of smaller esthetical improvements so your house looks better to the potential buyers.

How to sell your house in Las Vegas

Don’t ignore bigger problems

Esthetical improvements aside, you should never ignore bigger problems, especially if they can develop into something dangerous for the people who are living there. A good example is to check the electrical wiring in the house. Try to remember if any of the rooms had a problem with say mold, or your roof sometimes leaks. Think about did you ever have a pest problem in the past. If you did, try remembering the last time pest control professionals were at your house. This is very important for the next tenants, so they will probably ask for information.

Improve the overall look of your house

When you deal with important problems, it’s time to plan the improvements regarding the look of the inside the outside of your house. The first thing to do is decluttering. This will come in handy as you are probably also planning your own move. Go through your stuff and decide on what to keep and prepare for your move. Donate and throw away what you don’t want anymore. This will help you with your own relocation process and give you a ‘blank canvas’ to work with. You can pack in advance stuff you know you won’t be needing soon, to speed up the process. Search for Las Vegas moving help professionals to take care of your relocation while you prepare the house for sale. The next step is deep cleaning, which is understandable.

couple entering the yard for a house tour
A great tip to sell your house in Las Vegas is to make sure the first impression is great. Fix your garden and the exterior of your house, as the potential buyers will see that first

What should you check?

  • When you want to sell your house in Las Vegas, what you should check first is if the place needs some fresh paint. This includes walls and also windows and doors if they are wooden, and the outside of the house. 
  • Give extra love to the floors. When you clean the house, make sure you polish the floors and check if some of the tiles in the bathroom need replacing. 
  • Examine the kitchen cabinets and fix them if needed. Add an extra touch by changing the old knobs. It’s a small investment and it can easily refresh the overall look of the kitchen.
  • If you decide to sell some furniture with the house, look for potential scratches or stains. On the other hand, if you want to bring your favorite couch to the new place, look for furniture movers Las Vegas to get away from another dose of stress.

Seek professional assistance

You need a good and reliable agent to start with. They will have more advice for you on how to improve your chance to sell your house in Las Vegas for a good price. Also, you need an objective estimate of your property’s value. A good start is to check the prices of similar houses in the area and consult with your agent. Potential buyers are going to see your house for the first time on photos, so make sure the first impression is great. You can book a professional photographer to take pictures, or invite an artistic friend with a good camera to do it. Lighting is the key, so changing the old light bulbs is not a bad idea.

Don’t forget the exterior

The first thing the potential buyers will see is your front yard and the exterior of your house. If you have a garden, give it some love and work on it a bit. Fix your fence, paint it or put up a fence if you don’t have one. Trim the grass and pick up trash and fallen leaves. Clean the trash can and put a fresh bag in it. If you have a pool, make sure it looks clean and fresh, whether it’s in use currently or not. Check the paint on the outside of the house and fix the eventual problems. These things won’t cost you much and could help the buyers imagine the house as their new home. 

Simple and warm enterier like the one in the photo can help you sell your house in Las Vegas fast and easy
Hiring a professional decorator can help your place look amazing with just a few adjustments. If you are not sure you can afford it, you can search online on how to place your furniture and add statement pieces of decoration by yourself


You can hire a decorator to help you display your house interior in the best way possible. A decorator can make your place look magnificent just by differently arranging the furniture and adding statement pieces of decoration. This is, of course, optional, as you are going to spend money on your move. If you find cheap movers Las Vegas, you can get some money on the side and invest in this.

To conclude

To sell your house in Las Vegas you need investments, your time, and time in general, so try not to get impatient and nervous about it. Set a realistic price in consultation with the real estate agent, but make sure it works for you too. Think also about your relocation, as you have many things to prepare for. When you are planning your budget, look for Las Vegas movers rates to find something that works given all the other expenses you have. 

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