Safe Ways for Seniors to Move Furniture

We know that moving and especially packing and moving furniture is a boring and heavy task. So we as one of the most reliable moving companies in Nevada would like to help you.  We’ll discuss and provide safe ways for seniors to move furniture. This article will include different tips and tricks that you can use in your moving process. So the first tip would be it is quite logical to move your furniture last. We all tend to first declutter and then start moving things from easier to heavier. So let’s dive in and see what can you do about this!

A safe way for seniors to move furniture is by being careful with long and tall items

First of all, you’ll need to know that you can’t do it on your own. There should optimally be two to three people on your team, the more the merrier as they say. Now we as professional furniture movers Las Vegas have a special technique for this. First, you should know that our movers are young and strong, well-trained professionals in excellent physical form. Now when it comes to technique it isn’t that hard, just one person has to carry the bottom while the other has to carry the top. It’s the same with the long items, you just have to pick them up (for example a sofa) at the same time. So if you have a tall wardrobe that isn’t too wide, one person will have to lower it while in the end, one will have to lift it when it reaches a specific angle.

Also, this method will keep the item in the center, so it won’t move out of control or swing, spiral, etc. Now, on the other hand, you could also ask your friends if they are younger or your family members if they’re willing to help you; or if they have time and live close to you. If you have non of these options then follow the steps closely and be very careful. We as a company that provides moving services Las Vegas would advise you to visit the doctor before conducting this sort of task. Heavy lifting and bending, getting up and down, can cause some problems with the spine, pressure, heart, etc. So if you have some time go to the doctor and also explain to him what you’ll be doing.

A man in blue denim jeans carrying a green sofa, while thinking about safe ways for seniors to move furniture;
As you can see, professional movers know how to carry furniture properly.

Another safe way for seniors to move furniture is by using straps and sliders

These are very useful tools and nowadays there are many of them. You can go to the local DIY store where you can buy lifting or moving straps and sliders. They aren’t very expensive but they’ll save you a lot of trouble. We would like to help you with different straps and sliders. So we’ll talk about straps first, they are also known as shoulder dollies or furniture moving straps. They are used to distribute the weight evenly on the hips and shoulders. This way they’ll prevent our backs from being injured or even broken, they are also used in pairs, so you’ll need a partner for this one too. Now there is also a new technology called Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps, which will distribute your weight not on your hips and shoulders but your forearms.

In both cases, you’ll end up putting your weight on your legs and you’ll be using them the most. Now as we know from a medical perspective, legs are less prone to getting injured compared with the back. Also, you can use a trolley because it’ll make your move even more easier. We use them when we’re moving something very heavy, like a piano for example. We as senior movers will tell you about another great thing and that is a slider. Now there are two types of sliders:

  • Carpet sliders
  • Hardwood sliders
A woman is carrying a phone while standing in front of the van full of boxes, a man is pushing a trolley with boxes loading on it;
There are different types of trolleys that you can use to move different objects.

Hardwood sliders can also be used on surfaces such as linoleum or tiles, they’re made of felt which will attach to the bottom of the leg and they’re mostly made of felt. On the other hand, you can use metal or plastic sliders for carpets.

Wrapping and hiring pros

If you’ve managed to do all the above you should now only wrap your furniture.  You can use plastic wraps and bubble wraps because they’re great protection. They also won’t damage the surface and they’re extra cheap, so you’ll save a couple of bucks. If you’re moving by yourself we’ve prepared the list of items that you’ll need. If you don’t know how to do it or have any more questions about packing, moving, etc. be sure to check out our blog section. Now if you’re not sure or this all seems hard for you consider hiring a professional moving company. We as reliable well known professional movers can assure you that any move for us is a piece of cake. First of all, we’ve got a lot of experience in moving, packing, driving items, etc. Second of all, professional moving companies must have well trainer physically capable workers.

A close-up of a bubble-wrapped chair;
If you have a lot of DIY, your doctor says that your health condition is okay and you’re in good shape try the DIY move. On the other hand, if something is wrong or you have any kind of pain, consider hiring professionals.

Now, this would be it for today and we hope that you liked our post. We know that moving can be stressful on its own, without a lot of complications. But since this requires physical strength and planning, if you need any help we’re here. You can count on us in any phase of the moving journey, from decluttering to packing to moving or lifting heavy furniture. This journey can be great, but only if you are. Thank you for reading and we hope that you’ll have an easy and stress-free move. Have a nice day!

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