Room-by-Room Packing Guidelines From Professionals

Whenever you explore the topic of moving, you can find just how tiring the process is. Placing your whole life in small boxes and moving them to a new location might be like turning a new leaf – but is also exhausting. However, only interstate moving companies Las Vegas know that the biggest part of the whole packing process doesn’t lay in its preparation. It’s also not the moving day that requires most of the work. Sometimes even surprising, it is packing that will take most of your time. Sorting through your items and picking out what to take and what to leave can be hard. Ensuring the things you have to stay safe is even harder. That’s why in this article you can find our room-by-room packing guidelines which will make sure your move is efficient and stressless!

Take it Slow and Plan

There is an important thing to remember when you are moving. When it comes to preparation – you should always start a couple of months in advance. The reasons for it are simple enough – if you are preparing for the move this early, then you are lowering your chances of forgetting something or doing something wrong.

A turtle.
Take your packing easy, so you don’t forget anything.

This way, when it comes to the packing, you can first start by examining each room. Go through them one at a time, and think about what you want to take with you and what you want to get rid of. Then, decide what will happen with the things you are not taking with you. You can either sell them, donate them, or put them in storage. Afterward, when you know precisely what you are taking with you, you can carefully study up on our room-by-room packing guidelines. This way, you are giving yourself enough time to prepare, but you are also planning your packing in advance.

Working through the logistics of your move a couple of months in advance isn’t only beneficial to the packing process, though. When you have ample time until the moving day comes, you can also find reliable moving company North Las Vegas, sort through all your paperwork and even say goodbye to your friends! So, make sure you take enough time for yourself before diving into our room-by-room packing guidelines and the packing process itself!

The Kitchen Should be the First To Go

When you start packing room-by-room, the place you should begin the process is the kitchen. It can often be the most complicated room in the house to pack, because of the number of items you have in there. There are both simple items and complicated electronics. Then, there are huge items and smaller objects. There are those easy to break – and those sturdy enough to survive the move without too much preparation.

Kitchens have an assortment of odd items.

To reduce the amount of work you need to do, you first need to think about the items you need from your kitchen carefully. Sometimes, it will pay off to just get rid of them and buy new items at your new home. This decision can often be easy to make when it comes to the big appliances – they cost more to move, after all – but you should also consider it when dealing with smaller items as well! Do you really need all those pots and pans? What about the fancy China you only use once per year?

One of the best room-by-room packing guidelines when it comes to the kitchen is to get rid of perishables on time. You can plan to either use them or throw them away – and this is yet another perk of preparing for your move in advance! You should be careful when transporting food – some moving companies will refuse to do it. Some states, like California, even forbid you to bring certain fruits inside their borders!

The Bedrooms Come Next

The bedrooms are the next step in our room-to-room packing guidelines. People can often be scared of packing them as well. That is usually because of closets and dressers full of clothes. It can be tough to say goodbye to some of your outfits – but it is a necessary thing to do!

So first, sort through your stuff. If there is something you didn’t wear in the last six months, toss it away. The chances are you will not wear it again in the future either. Then, start packing your clothes. Try to fold them so that you are making room in the boxes. However, be careful not to overfill the boxes! You can also use the clothes when you pack fragile items for added security – so think outside the box! Finally, you should also look into special boxes for your mattress, as well as the clothes you don’t want (or can’t) fold.

Room-by-Room Packing Guidelines for Your Living Room

When it comes to the living room, things can get a bit messy. That is because there is a huge amount of different items in each living room. Sometimes, not even room-by-room packing guidelines can cover everything! The important thing to remember here is to plan how you will pack it properly. Chances are – you will be using it until the very last moment. Because of this, people often forget things in their living room!

The cables can often cause trouble.

The confusing thing when packing your living room can be your electronics. There usually are a lot of cables here, which can get pretty messy when packed. To stop this, first, take photos of each setup you have. Then, either tape the cables to the appliance or keep them in separate bags. After the move, it will be easy to set everything up again the way it was.

And since packing (and moving) can get a bit messy, it’s important to keep your home clean even during the moving day. This way, you will have a clear view of everything. And, if you carefully followed our room-by-room packing guidelines, you will be ready for the move when the truck arrives!

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