Relocating to Boulder City: What You Need to Know

Just 26 miles from Los Angeles, a city that offers world-class entertainment is Boulder City. A small town with a rich historical heritage, one of the best cities to live in Nevada, but also a perfect place for a quieter life outside the lights and excitement of “sin city”. Boulder City is known as the home of the Hoover Dam, but also for Lake Mead, Black Canyon, and the Colorado River. So, this city is considered an excellent place for family life primarily because of the very low crime rate. So, if you plan to relocate to this suburb of Nevada, our NV movers can help you. And we will reveal everything you need to know about relocating to Boulder City. Let’s meet Boulder City!

Welcome to Boulder City!

This city has its own history for which it’s also famous. It was founded in 1931 and was primarily a place where the builders of the Hoover Dam were housed. Today it’s a completely different place, a fast-growing city full of entertainment such as shops, beautiful cafes, and restaurants, but also home to various entertainment events for all generations. Today, according to NICHE data, about 14,868 people live in this city, of which the largest percentage of the population is the elderly, 65+, and even 29%. Boulder City is special for another reason. It’s one of only two municipalities in Nevada that allow gambling. A low crime rate, easy access, and commuting are some of the main features that make Boulder City a good place to live.

Boulder City road sing you will see when Relocating to Boulder City
Only 26 miles away from the entertainment capital of the world!

Although it may look like a city in the middle of the desert at first glance, Boulder City is a picturesque city, full of green trees, and cute small and big houses, with a divine view of the mountains. Covering its history, this city today has over 400 vintage structures and a large number of museums that house interactive exhibits and authentic artifacts. Also, the movers Boulder City NV revealed to us that this city experienced an increase in the number of inhabitants by as much as 1.5% during the past year. While in the last five years, the increase is by a total of 5.5%. So, in the continuation of this story, you will learn several interesting things.

What can you expect after relocating to Boulder City?

Considering that Boulder City is one of the best cities for retirees, it can also be a good choice for families and young people who want a quieter lifestyle. Boulder City provides residents with excellent access to medical facilities, affordable housing, and a warm climate. This quiet little town allows its residents to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle just 26 miles away from the 24-hour entertainment of Las Vegas.

After relocating to Boulder City you can expect:

  • Lower living costs
  • Many business options
  • Good education
  • A lot of fun

Boulder City offers affordable life and low living costs

When we compare the cost of living in Las Vegas (4% higher than the national average) and Boulder City, we can say that you can expect a more affordable life here. The cost of living is 2% higher than the national average, which will enable you to live a comfortable life without any problems with the budget. Due to demand, housing costs increased by 3%. And the costs you can expect after relocation are:

  • Home price $331,000
  • The rent price is $1,174
  • Electricity bill $160.89
  • Bread $3.77
  • A gallon of milk is $2.41
  • Doctor visit $115.91
  • Veterinary services $52.48
money is what you will need when relocating to Boulder City
Affordable life is one of the best things waiting for you in Boulder City!

You can expect good business opportunities

Boulder City has an annual household income of about $89,000, which is 30% higher than the national average. And this can be considered one of the advantages of living in this city. Also, industries such as tourism, food services, public administration, and retail industry are represented in Boulder City, which is responsible for the growth of the labor market by 3.5%. So, the best business opportunities can be found in the Las Vegas Valley Water District, Boulder City Hospital, and Boulder City.

A good education for your kids

When it comes to education, we can only say the best. Boulder City is part of the Clark County School District, and some of the top-rated schools are located right here. Also, an interesting fact is that 87.6% of the inhabitants of this city have completed high school, and 22.2% of the inhabitants have a diploma. And if you want the best education, check out Nevada State College and the College of Southern Nevada – Henderson Campus, which are located nearby! Education is one of the reasons for moving, especially for families or young people who want to gain knowledge. If you are also moving to Boulder City for education, relocation services Las Vegas are available. At any time!

After relocating a lot of fun activities await you here!

When it comes to entertainment, many interesting things await you here, even for the whole family. We will start with the best parks located in this city. They are Hemenway Park, Bicentennial Park, Veterans Memorial Park, Bootleg Canyon Park Trail Head, and Frank Crow Park. Here you can enjoy yourself with your family. Hemenway Park offers tennis and basketball courts, a playground, picnic shelters, and green spaces, and your kids will love it!

a view of Las Vegas at night is what you will have when relocating to Boulder City
If you don’t have enough fun in Boulder City, head to Las Vegas!

In addition to the parks, there are also numerous festivals where everyone is welcome! These festivals are organized by the city, and there are almost no better events where you can get to know the city, history, and art. so, some of them are Art in the Park, Terror Train! Nevada State Railroad, Wine Walks, Terrain Race 5K FunRun Cool events, and Pumpkinman Triathalon. Visit them!

Start your relocating to Boulder City and enjoy!

So, now that you have met this magical city, we are sure that you have become more confident in your decision to relocate. Also, so far we have been able to see a lot of good things that await you after relocating to Boulder City that will enable you to live a comfortable life. If you haven’t moved yet and are planning to do so, local movers Las Vegas are waiting for your call. Start your move and enjoy life!



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