Relocate your family cross-country with ease

Have you just bought a house on the other side of the country? Or accepted a great job offer which will take you states away from where you are now? Whatever your response is, only one thing is for sure: you are about to move. People who had a moving experience before, know what it involves. The days of backpacking through the country are gone. You are not alone anymore and need to find a way to relocate your family as easily as possible. One of the easy ways would be to get in touch with some of the interstate moving companies Las Vegas can offer. They could do all the preparation for you and make your life easier. But let’s explore the other ways as well. Each family is different and they will not all have the same needs.

Prepare the kids for the move in order to relocate your family with ease

The process of preparing the kids can go from smooth sail to hysterical tantrums. It will mostly depend on the age of your kids and their temperament. If you have toddlers, that will be easy, as they will not be creating drama over leaving their friends and changing schools. On the other hand, they will feel your anxiety about the move as your nervousness might become contagious. School kids have more sense, and you can explain things to them, but that can backfire as well. Based on this, it is really important to talk to your kids and do as much as you can to involve them in the moving process. Get them familiarized with what is coming before you engage your Las Vegas movers. The idea is to make the process of relocating your family as easy as possible.

A frustrated kid holding a blue ball
Your kids might throw tantrums when you tell them that you need to move

Plan to relocate your family at the right time of the year

When we say the right time, we mean the time that is good for you and your family. There are days and months in a year when moving is cheaper. Unfortunately, when relocating with family, money is not always the most important factor. If you do want to save some money, choose to move during colder months. When it comes to a day in the week, weekends are super busy and more expensive. So the middle of the week is the best and most affordable option. If your kids are in school, making them move in the middle of the school year could be very frustrating for all of you. So summer seems like the obvious choice then. But it will cost you more, as summer is the busiest period of the year. If you are moving in a hurry, then whatever week slot is available, you should accept it.

Set up all the utilities in your new home

There is nothing more frustrating than coming to your new home and finding out that there is no water or electricity. You need to sort these things out way earlier. Around the time you get in touch with the movers Boulder City, you should start arranging for all utilities to be turned on, on your arrival. At the same time, you need to make sure that the ones in the home you are leaving are turned off. This should be around a month before you move in. Also, this is the time when you could start the process of changing your address, so you can receive mail to your new home. You should obviously change your driver’s license, but if not urgent, that can wait until you get settled.

Turning on electricity before you relocate your family
Do not forget to turn on the utilities at your new home before you arrive

Decide on the type of the move before you relocate your family

Moving house with the whole family is a big thing. There are a lot of things to bring. Or, if you want a clean slate, you can only bring the essentials and then work your way up once you get to the new destination. Things such as memories and family heirlooms are a must bring, but you can debate on the furniture and appliances. You can adopt the popular Marie Kondo method. Before you make a decision whether you will sell all the things from the old home, decide how you plan on traveling. Flying a plane is the most efficient and is really the quickest way. Plane tickets can be expensive, but if you buy them a few months before, you might grab a good deal. Driving can, of course, be an adventure, but in the case of very young children, it is more of a hassle.

People on a plane
Flying to a new destination is the best option if you have little kids

Find a reliable moving company

In the sea of moving companies, it might not be so obvious which one to choose. Ask at least four or five companies to provide you with the estimate for your move. Compare the prices and services offered. Be prepared to pay a bit more in case you have things like artwork, antiques, or musical instruments to move. These require special attention, maybe even a separate moving company. Put everything down and see if it is more affordable to pay the movers to disassemble your furniture and add it to the load, or get rid of it. Sometimes it is more affordable to travel light and do not have too many things to move, and then buy what you need when you arrive at your new home. When you find a good company, ask for the insurance policy, so you are protected in case something happens to your belongings.

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