Reasons to move your family to Paradise, NV

As much as it may sound strange, deciding to move your family to Paradise, just beside “Sin City” can be a really good idea for you and your family.

Paradise, Nevada is an unincorporated town, near Las Vegas. If you’ve visited Vegas, you’ve probably been to Paradise as the Harry Raid airport and the major part of the famous Las Vegas Strip is actually in Paradise.

Paradise is an urban area, great for tourists with all the fun – bars, coffee shops, and restaurants but is it a good place to live with your family?

Move Your Family To Paradise, Nevada
Family ready to move to Paradise

Is Paradise a good place to move your family?

Paradise sounds like the perfect name for the town to bring your family, however, “Sin City” may sound just a bit frightening when it comes to raising your kids. But things have changed over the years and the area has an amazing offer to families moving to Nevada.

Some basic things to consider when moving with your family are:

  • Cost
  • Job
  • School
  • Safety

How much does it cost to live in Paradise?

There is no state income tax in Nevada. All taxes come from tourists and casino fees. Also, property or healthcare taxes are lower. So. when it comes to the cost of living Paradise is a good choice for moving with your family. The lower cost of health care, electricity, lower property taxes, groceries, and rentals make living in this area pretty much affordable.

It would be a good idea to consider local movers in Paradise NV as they usually offer a free moving estimate, competitive prices, and have a lot of experience with so many people around.

Finding a Job in Paradise

Would it be easy to find job when you move with the family to Paradise?

Having in mind that Paradise is beside Las Vegas and The Strip goes through the town it is obvious that most of the jobs are tourism-related. Hotels, casinos, bars, restaurants…there are plenty of possibilities for jobs in hospitality and tourism.

It is also perfect for entrepreneurs as there is no state tax so starting your own business might be a good idea.

Harry Reid international airport is in Paradise. As this is the main government airport for public use in Las Vegas Valley with almost 40 million passengers there are always open jobs.

With so many tourists and residents, there are many industries besides tourism that are growing and offering jobs – health care, IT, education, trade, financial services…

What about schools in Paradise?

Paradise has some amazing opportunities for schooling your kids. There are many highly rated childcare programs, many elementary schools to choose from as well as some amazing high schools and colleges.

The University Of Nevada, Las Vegas has the highest status as a research university. There are a few more universities in health care, business, cosmetology, arts… Your kids will have great possibilities in Paradise.

Is it safe to move your family to Paradise?

Even though Paradise is not the safest town in the USA, it is important to understand that there are areas that are highly safe to live in and raise children.

Having in mind the number of tourists and the nature of fun it is easy to realize that most of the crimes are happening in areas with no residents.

With so many people visiting, it is natural to have higher crime score numbers.  But Paradise is pretty much a safe place to live in. It has a really high ranking for livability.

Make sure to research areas and choose the best one for moving your family.

The decision to move your family to Paradise is made. What next?

So, the decision is made and you and your family are moving to Paradise, Nevada. What next?

  1. Plan ahead

If you are moving locally things might be easier, but even if it is an interstate move, a good plan is essential. Make a to-do list, give yourself enough time for every step, research reliable movers in Las Vegas, and finish everything in the old place.

  1. Prepare your family and kids for the move

Give yourself and the kids time to say goodbye to family and friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

  1. Carefully pack everything

Decide what you will need to take with you and what is not necessary. Get boxes, crates, and packing material, and pack carefully everything you will need in your new home.

  1. Get help

You can’t do everything by yourself. Hiring full service moving company from Las Vegas will reduce stress, and you’ll get all the necessary information and help you need.

Packing boxes to move
Packing your things to move

What to do when living in Paradise?

Moving to a new city can be stressful and can bring a lot of concerns. Having sorted out some basics for living you will probably have questions about the quality of life, especially when you are moving with your family.

Some things to consider when moving to new town are:

  • Weather
  • Fun
  • Sport
  • Family activities

What is the weather like in Paradise?

Weather in Paradise is one of the reasons you might want to live there. It is hot and dry, with more than 300 sunny days a year which gives you and your family great opportunity for outdoor activities.  You can choose to go hiking, hanging out in parks,  or just walking around the town, drinking coffee, or eating outside at some of the best restaurants.

Winter is short and mild, summers can be hot but with low humidity, it is literary a paradise.

Hiking in Nevada
Moving family to Nevada is fun

What about sports?

With the almost perfect climate, Paradise can support sports and outdoor activities the whole year.

As Las Vegas is home to many professional sports it is easy to find  sports activities for you and the kids.  You can also enjoy visiting some professional games in the area.

Hockey, soccer, football, golf, races… choose your favorites!

Family activities

There are so many attractions, that family fun is guaranteed. Aquarium, knights riding horses, meeting dolphins, pools, Children’s Museum, superhero station, and so many more family activities to choose from.

There are some amazing parks and hiking possibilities just outside the city. Red Rock Canyon offers a great view and hiking.

Will there be fun  if you move your family to Paradise?

It is obvious that Paradise, near Las Vegas known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” will have endless fun activities to offer not only for tourists but for residents as well.

With a permanent Circus in the town,  Ballets at Theatre, live concerts at Arena, and Broadway shows it is impossible to get bored. Use benefits for the residents for discounted tickets.

Overall, deciding to move your family to Paradise, Nevada could be the best decision you’ve made for all.

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