Prepare your plants for a long-distance move from Las Vegas

People move all types of things with them to another place. Some of them are regular and easy to handle. But there are also more difficult items such as plants. Not too many people try to move them because they see them as a burden. But, we are not here to tell you that you should not move them but to tell you how to prepare your plants for a long-distance move from Las Vegas. It will not be a piece of cake but there is always a way. But, you should know that you will probably have to do this without your chosen moving company North Las Vegas. We will explain everything in the rest of the article!

How to prepare your plants for a long-distance move?

  • Know the laws
  • Trim your plants
  • Put them in plastic
  • Control the temperature

Know the laws

Moving plants is something that you want to inform yourself about. Many states have different regulations about moving plants. Even more, there are some restrictions. You do not want to avoid this because it causes trouble. It may even cause delays because you did not do this on time. You need to check the laws and regulations about the state you are moving to and therefore avoid delays when moving at all costs. If you have movers by your side, it can cause you to pay more than you have agreed on.

Trim your plants

The first thing that you want to do when moving your plants is to trim them. Your plants can have a lot of dead leaves and you should remove them before doing anything else. Also, be sure to remove dust and weeds because they will just annoy you during the transport.

man trimming a bush - Prepare your plants for a long-distance move
Always trim the plants before moving them

Put them in plastic

We can all agree that even though it is not good for the environment, plastic can make things simpler. This is the same thing when preparing your plants for the move from Las Vegas. The usual pots are often heavy and it can be a problem during the move. Well, in order to make everything easier, you should place your plants in plastic and therefore, remove some of the weight.

Control the temperature

When relocating your plants, you want to control the temperature as much as you can. But, one problem can be that Las Vegas is usually pretty hot. That means that there is a high chance that your plants will die. Of course, you may think that you can call moving companies Henderson NV and ask for a climate-controlled storage unit. But, that is no option.

It is all because plants are among many items that you can’t put in a storage unit. Why? Well, because storage units do not have windows and that means that there is no sunlight for the plants. Even if you are storing for a short time, you should not do it. The best option is to keep it in your car where you can control the temperature.

air conditioning in car
Control the temperature when moving plants

Do not ask your movers to help you with the plants!

It is not that they do not want to help you out, but there are many restrictions about moving plants depending on where you move. That means that your movers will not agree on moving your plants and you will feel hopeless. Now that you know this fact, you should take care of your plants by yourself and therefore help out your movers instead of looking for trouble. As we have mentioned, moving in your car or an air-conditioned van is an excellent choice.


Even though it is not that hard to prepare your plants for a long-distance move, you should still take it seriously. It is important to do this because there could be some repercussions if you do not manage this task properly. We hope that your move will be smooth and without any problems!

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