Prepare your dining table set for moving

Preparing your furniture for the move might be the hardest part of packing. Furniture is usually very big, heavy, and also expensive. Additionally, furniture can be easily damaged or scratched during transport. The dining set table is not overly hard furniture to move. The biggest problem with moving dining table sets is that they are often expensive and valuable. The dining room is the main place for entertaining the guest or for family gatherings. For this reason, even the smallest scratch to one piece of the set could be a big problem. It will be hard finding an exact piece to match the dining table set that you already own. For this reason, if you are moving this type of furniture, it would be best to hire furniture movers Las Vegas. Also, here are a few tips to prepare your dining table set for moving.   

How to prepare your dining table set for moving?  

The dining table set is not the only item that you are going to move. You still have your entire household packing for the move. For this reason, you should hire full service moving company Las Vegas to pack your other belongings while you prepare your dining room items. Before you start preparing your dining table set, you should first take pictures of them. You can use these pictures later as a proof of their condition before the move if any damage happens during the move.  

If you are in a hurry to pack and move your belongings, including your dining table set, you can always hire emergency movers Las Vegas. Now that you have hired movers, here are few steps for preparing a dining table set for relocation.  

Clean the furniture  

  • Apply a coat of furniture polish
  • Disassemble dining table
  •  Wrap a dining room table
Prepare your dining table set for moving that has twelve chairs
You should prepare your dinning table set for moving

How to clean furniture before the move?   

The first step in preparing your dining table set is to clean them and then polish your wooden furniture. You should let the furniture completely dry before applying a coat of furniture polish. This way, you are protecting the surface of your furniture during the move.  

After these steps, you should then disassemble the dining table. If you disassemble furniture, you can avoid injuries when moving furniture. Additionally, you will be also protecting the walls and floor of your home by doing this step. The steps of disassembling the dining table are pretty simple. You should first take a glass top if your table has one. Then, turn the table upside down on a blanket, and take off table legs. Additionally, wrap each table leg in bubble wrap or other packing material.   

plate on the table
You need to disassemble the table before moving

How to pack a dining table set?  

One of the steps to prepare your dining table set for moving is to pack it separately. You can wrap the tabletop in the blanket and secure it with tape. When moving dining chairs, you should always pick them by the seat and by the legs or the back. Also, stack two chairs together with one chair being put upside down on top of the other chair. 

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