Prepare For a Long Distance Move With Ease

Long distance moving is the hardest kind of moving, where you can’t rely on your intuition and last-minute tips, but well-organized plan and skills. Long distance usually means that you have to relocate to another state, which is why moving experts don’t recommend DIY tips and ideas. This is why you need to inform yourself about all details or relocation and if you’re moving for the first time – to prepare for a long distance move. If you don’t have the experience and skills, we will help you to deal with long distance relocation as you do! But nothing successful and great was built overnight. Therefore, you will need a good plan. Let’s start with that.

Make an Early Plan

As we said, you can’t achieve successful goals without a good plan. If you’re about to move thousands of miles away to another state, that requires good planning. A good plan means you should start writing down every moving-related task you need to accomplish. Write down everything that is possible to achieve, because you need to stay on schedule. Among first tasks you need to write down home inventory that you’re going to pack and relocate. Take inventory of all your belongings before the moving day.

Go and write down belongings room-by-room. Besides inventory, think about updating your new address, packing your documents and driving license, utility installation, school enrollment and other. And don’t forget to hire a reliable moving company and move during the off-peak season! The best movers Las Vegas recommends are a reliable moving company you can hire and move belongings without stress and worries.

Talk to Your Kids to Prepare For a Long Distance Move

If you’re relocating with kids, you definitely need to prepare for a long distance move. Children usually react negatively and very emotionally when parents tell them that they’re moving. Keep in mind that they will need time to accept the reality and adjust to change. What you can do to help them?

Show them that you care about their emotional needs by asking them questions about their needs and wishes. Ask them to choose the decoration for their new room or consider buying a pet. Talk about the benefits the new place is going to bring to them and show them great things from their new hometown. Kids and teens like fun activities. Show them museums, cinemas, parks, restaurants, and other places.

prepare for a long distance move
Tell your kids about fun activities you’re going to do during long distance moving.

Consider Your Moving Budget

You can’t prepare for a long distance move properly without checking your budget. Budget is important because you will see how much you can afford and whether you need to save money. Long distance moving is expensive and experts say there is a simple rule when it comes to relocating household: if you don’t need it, don’t pay to move it!

The fewer things you move, the less money you will spend on moving services, as professional movers charge based on the weight of the shipment. You can increase your budget by selling unnecessary things. You can save money if you don’t overbuy for a new home. For the beginning, buy only essential furniture and appliances.

Hire reliable movers instead of trying DIY relocation.

Long distance moving is a time when you need to say NO to DIY tips and ideas. There are cool DIY tricks when it comes to short-distance moving, but don’t risk. Hire professional movers. Imagine packing and relocating your whole house by yourself to another state? It’s impossible and expensive. You need to pack safely all to your car and drive a thousand miles in several ways. It’s just losing time and nerves.

Long-distance movers can pack and load everything in one day. Your relocation will be over for just a few days. Moving to another state and you need professional help with relocating household? Interstate moving companies Las Vegas will provide you best moving services at affordable prices.

Move During the Off-Season and Save Money

Prepare for a long distance move and save money! It is possible if you choose to move during the off-season. Hire professional movers ahead of time and you will save money. How? Moving between October and April, especially during the middle of the month or on a weekday, is the great timing. This is because the peak moving season is May through September while moving services are the most expensive. If you’re moving to another state do the first-minute booking of moving services and pick the month offseason. During the off-season, companies offer up to 20-30% lower moving rates.

lady holding a tablet
Use smartphone applications to explore the best long distance movers.

Pick Moving Insurance

Inform yourself and pick the right moving insurance so you can prepare for a long distance move like a pro. Whether you have valuable items or not, it’s wise to choose moving insurance when you’re doing long distance relocation. Choosing valuation means that moving company will have to pay you if your items are damaged during transportation. You never know what can happen. There are a few options.

Released value protection is free, but it provides just minimal protection (60 cents per pound per item). Full replacement value protection is covered by federal law and your items are fully protected. In this case, you will have to pay a premium upfront. Every reliable moving company has its own full value policy and some state have regulations with a minimum level of coverage, usually between $4 or $6 per pound on household items.

Update Important Documents Like Your Licence

Before you start relocating to another state, you need to update important documents. On the first place, if you’re traveling by plane, you need to update your passport and ID and check if you need another document. The next thing you need to do is to change your address. If you’re driving a car, make sure you update your driver’s license and registration.

Organize Your Essentials Bag

Prepare for a long distance move by organizing your essentials bag.  The essential bag should include all the things you’re going to need on a moving day. Start with packing your personal items like an ID card, a passport, and a driving license. Make sure you have some medications with you especially if you have serious allergies. If you own some valuables like expensive necklace don’t let movers relocate it, keep it with yourself. You should also pack all electronics such as cellphone, tablets, laptops, and gadgets with you.

essential things for a moving day
Prepare for a long distance move like a pro: organize your essentials bag!

Take Care of Your Pets When You Prepare For a Long Distance Move

Pets are able to feel if something is happening especially if the big change is coming like relocation. Just like people, they will need to change their routine, habits, favorite places and things they used to do. Before long distance moving, try to slowly get used them to a kennel or driving in your car. Long distance means you will have to relocate pets via airplane. That requires of you to care your pet’s ID tags with their name, your name and a phone number, their passports, pets’ health records from the vet, and other.  Before you start relocating check laws and regulations from a certain airline.

pets walking
Before a long distance move, prepare your pets’ health records from the vet.

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