Pack Up Your Halloween Decor for Storage With Ease

Halloween is over and your home is still covered in spider webs, bats and pumpkins. Decorating your home for Halloween is fun and exciting, but it’s all fun and games until you have to clean up the decorations. If you’re one of those people who leave their Christmas tree up until the middle of January, you probably haven’t packed up your Halloween decor yet. Well, if you’re struggling to start cleaning, we’re here to help you pack up your Halloween decor for storage without much hassle. It can be done in a day and we’ll tell you how. Keep reading before you get to packing.

Start by decluttering

First things first, it’s time to get rid of all the decorations you don’t want or need to keep. Decluttering is always a good first step when you’re packing. That way, you’ll have fewer things to sort into boxes and therefore you’ll need fewer boxes and less time for packing. If you’re moving soon, it’s good to get rid of everything you won’t need before hiring LV movers.

Start by getting rid of all the pumpkins you’ve carved. We know that’s the saddest moment of packing up Halloween decorations, especially if you’re proud of your designs. Unfortunately, it has to be done. But if you love your pumpkin design, you can snap a few photos to remember your masterpiece.

A house decorated for Halloween - it's time to pack up your Halloween decor for storage
Take down all the decorations, check what kind of state they’re in and decide what you want to keep.

Next up, look around your home and take all the decorations down. Then, see if there are any pieces that are broken or ruined in any way. Feel free to throw them out along with the pumpkins. If there are any items that you’re over and you don’t like anymore, there’s no reason to keep them. However, you don’t need to throw them in the trash either. Ask your friends and neighbors if they want them or find a place like Goodwill where you could donate them. That’s all the more reason to buy new Halloween decor next year, so it’s a win-win situation. This will also be helpful if you’re moving soon as you’ll have less to pack.

How to pack up your Halloween decor for storage?

If you’re unsure about how to pack up your Halloween decor for storage, we’ll give you some simple tips.

  • Clean all the decorations first before putting them into boxes.
  • Organize the decorations by room to make things easier for yourself next year.
  • Don’t overpack the boxes to avoid ruining your decorations.
  • Pack costumes and masks separately from decorations. You can pack costumes in garment bags or in boxes.
  • Consider using plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes.
  • Deflate inflatable decorations before putting them in a box.
  • If you have it, use the original packaging to pack up your Halloween decor for storage.

Pay attention to fragile items

Whether you need to pack up your Halloween decor for storage or your belongings before hiring residential moving companies Las Vegas, it’s important to pay attention to fragile items. These things can easily break or get damaged, so you should protect them. If you have any Halloween decorations made of glass or a similar fragile material, be careful.

Fragile box - here's how to pack up your Halloween decor for storage if it's fragile
Glass, porcelain and other fragile materials need extra protection, even when it comes to Halloween decorations. 

What you need to do is get some bubble pack or at least some cloths (towels, sheets, old clothes). Wrap the fragile decorations up and then put them into boxes. If you really want to make sure your Halloween decorations are safe, you can even line the boxes for an extra protection layer.

Where to store Halloween decor?

One of the biggest issues for a lot of families is finding the space for storing all of their holiday decorations. After all, there are boxes upon boxes of Halloween, Christmas and Easter decorations in most homes. Let’s face it, they take up a lot of room. That’s why it’s good to find ways to create additional storage space in your home. Here’s how you could store Halloween decor.

Halloween decorations - after you pack up your Halloween decor for storage, it's time to find space for it
If you’ve got a lot of decorations in your house, finding storage space might be a challenge.
  • Clear up your basement and make some spaces for boxes filled with Halloween costumes and decorations. This is an especially good idea if your basement isn’t humid and moldy.
  • Your attic is among the best places for storing your Halloween decor. Because Halloween is behind us, put boxes with Halloween decorations way in the back, behind Christmas ones.
  • Use any empty spaces you can find – closets, spare rooms, under the bed, etc.
  • In case there simply isn’t any extra space in your home for all the Halloween decor, you should consider getting a storage unit.

Label the boxes after packing up Halloween decor for storage

Whenever you’re packing something, it’s always smart to keep a marker handy. Labeling the boxes when you’re packing up Halloween decor for storage will be very useful. You’ll have a clear idea of where everything is and where you want to put each box. Also, you’ll be able to pay more attention to the boxes that contain fragile items. Not only that but labeling the boxes will also be of help when you’re decorating next year. You’ll know which decorations you want to use again and which ones can sit that year out.

Say goodbye to Halloween

We hope that these simple tips will help you pack up your Halloween decor for storage. Once everything is in its box, you can put the boxes away and say goodbye to Halloween. Packing up decorations isn’t a difficult task, it’s more of an annoying one. However, you don’t want your house to stay covered in Halloween decorations all the way until Christmas. So, get to packing and then you can slowly start thinking about decorating for Christmas.

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