Pack musical instruments for a move

We are all different people. That is why every relocation is different and there is no one answer or tip that will help everyone. Some people have a lot of fragile and expensive items, some have a lot of artwork to relocate, but some have musical instruments. There are two options to choose from in order to pack musical instruments for the move. Either hire one of North Las Vegas movers or learn how to do it by yourself. There are several very important things that you have to do so be sure to follow these tips!

How to pack musical instruments for relocation?

There are different types of moving instruments:

  • Wooden instruments
  • Percussion instruments
  • String instruments 

Wooden instruments

Moving instruments are usually very easy to pack and relocate. Of course, everything depends on a person and their requirements. One way to prepare it for the move is just to pick it up and bring it with yourself. You can place it in your car and relocate by yourself. The better choice is to relocate them in the bulk. It will protect them from any damage and you will have a stress-free move.

Percussion instruments

Percussion instruments can be quite easy to pack. Their size is usually big so you may think that it is going to be quite hard. Well, you are mistaken. If you are being careful, you do not have to worry. The best way to pack musical instruments is to wrap them with plastic wrap. It can prevent any impact that can occur during transport. Also, most of these instruments come with original cases so be sure to use them.

learn how to pack drums when you pack musical instruments
Despite their size, they can be quite easy to pack

String instruments

It is usually quite easy to pack stringed musical instruments for relocation. It does not take a lot of space so there is a higher chance that you will preserve it. There is one very important advice though. In order to save them during the transport, be sure to loosen up the strings a bit. The heat is an enemy when it comes to relocating string instruments and the best way to fight it is to loosen up the strings. Also, if you saved the original case from the instrument, be sure to put the instrument inside. Just to be extra safe, use plastic wrap and you are good to go.

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a guitar
Loosen up strings a bit and avoid damage to your instruments

Packing musical instruments for a move

As you can see, it is quite easy to pack musical instruments for the move. Of course, you will have to use proper moving supplies and things that you already have. The plastic wrap is your best friend so be sure to get it on time. You can get it anywhere, from local shops to one of the residential moving companies Las Vegas that you hired. Packing your instruments can be interesting if you know how to do it. Be sure to follow these tips and tricks in order to preserve them in the perfect condition as before.

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