Organizing hacks for a small kitchen

Are you planning on moving soon with North Las Vegas movers? You are slowly preparing for your move, getting all the necessary items, and everything is going according to plan. However, there is one thing constantly on your mind while you are packing your kitchen. The size of your new kitchen is smaller than your current one and you can barely fit all your kitchen items. For this reason, you will need to find really good organizing hacks for a small kitchen. It’s not easy to organize a smaller-sized kitchen, especially if you are used to a bigger one. The biggest downsides of a small kitchen are a lack of storage and not having enough space on kitchen counters. For this reason, here are a few organizing tips just for you. 

Organizing hacks for a small kitchen just for you 

Before you start organizing your new small kitchen, you should first declutter your kitchen items. Decluttering before a move is a very smart and practical thing to do. At the same time, you will be getting rid of the useless items and saving money in the process. Moving and movers Boulder city NV are not cheap and if you have fewer items to move, you will pay less. It’s simple math and decluttering your kitchen items will help you with organizing a smaller kitchen.  

For this reason, don’t waste time and start decluttering now. After you are done with this task, you will have a pile of items that will need a new home and purpose. You can always donate them to charities but you can also do the following.

  • Sell 
  • Store  
  • Give them to your family and friends 
  • Throw them away 
white kitchen
Declutter your kitchen before organizing it

Lack of storage 

The biggest flaw of a small kitchen is a lack of storage. You will need to be extra creative to make additional storage space. After all, you need to find space for your items. First, you need to start from kitchen cabinets and see how much storage you have in there. To maximize cabinets’ storage, you should keep everything labeled into bins, and boxes. Also, create an efficient unpacking plan so you will not lose your items when organizing your kitchen. 

You can also include your kitchen and use decorations as an organizing trick when making DIY decorations for your LV apartment. For example, you can install a magnetic strip for knives on your wall or add hooks to store your pots and pans this way.  

brick wall in the kitchen
Install additional shelves in the kitchen

Use every inch of the space you got 

Kitchen islands are not that common in a small kitchen. However, if you want to get one, you should choose the hollow one. You can store spices, kitchen utensils, and everything you have. Additionally, you should install extra shelves on walls or you can turn one shelf into two with wire shelf risers. On your kitchen counters, you should get kitchen holders for multiple types of items such as spices, olive oil, and other necessaries. Use these organizing hacks for a small kitchen to make enough space for all your kitchen items. 

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