Moving to Vegas with teenagers: how to keep them controlled?

Here are some facts! Moving is hard. If you are moving with kids it is even harder. Moving with kids who are teenagers is an emotional roller coaster. On top of all that imagine moving to Vegas with teenagers! Sounds like a crazy adventure and impossible to be stress-free. Teenagers are moody and unpredictable already, so relocating to Sin City will require a lot of patience and parenting skills. Keeping an eye on them, in order not to end up in the casinos every night will be a challenge. Especially with the boys, who are more prone to spending time gambling. The only thing you do not need to worry about when it comes to this move is your North Las Vegas movers. They will be quick, efficient, and highly professional, making this relocation somewhat easier. Having a moving company you can rely on is very important.

The Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas sign
Moving to Las Vegas with teenagers will be an adventure and test to your parenting skill

Keep your teens occupied after moving to Vegas

For at least two or three weeks after your relocation, you will all be busy with unpacking and settling down. If your choice of a company was one of the moving companies Henderson NV, they surely will offer the service of unpacking. But maybe best to do this on your own in this instance. It will take time for the whole family to take in the change, new home, neighborhood, and the city itself. When moving to Vegas with teenagers, the adjustment will be a bit different than when you move with toddlers or babies. The good thing is that your teens can help with unpacking the boxes, assembling the furniture, and decorating. If you allow them to decorate their rooms as they wish, that will keep them occupied and happy for some time, before you all start wandering the city and exploring it.

Visit all the attractions if moving to Vegas with teenagers

There are really so many places to go see and visit that it will take months until you see all or most of them. If you have doubts and are afraid that your kids will end up where they should not, with their new friends, take them to all tours with you. You cannot be a babysitter to your kids, but if you need time to gain trust in new people in their lives, try to take them to places they will like. As we already stated, there are really so many things to see. From sports events, over fancy restaurant experiences, to the Strip, of course. The famous fountains of the Bellagio and famous “Eiffel Tower” hotel are just one of the things you’ll all enjoy. Luckily, living in Vegas is affordable, so all these little trips and visits will not cost you much.

The Bellagio hotel and casino with its fountains that are a must visit if moving to Vegas with teenagers
You will, of course, visit all the city’s attractions, one of them being the Bellagio fountains

Outdoor activities you can all enjoy

If you like to be outside and in nature, one of the things you must not miss is visiting the Red Rock Canyon. It is just half an hour’s drive from Vegas and there are a lot of walking and hiking trails. You can choose what you will do based on your preference and condition, to be fair. If you have teen boys, they will be thrilled to climb some rocks. Raising a family in Las Vegas can actually be a really great experience. If you want a different kind of outdoor experience you can go to some of the entertainment parks. One that is great for the whole family is Cowabunga Bay Water Park. It is an excellent place for you to cool off, but at the same time, put your adrenalin to a test.

Fine dining and walking the Strip

It is said that all relevant country’s chefs have at least one restaurant opened in Vegas. It does not necessarily need to be located in the Strip, some are actually downtown. You can find almost every cuisine you think of, choices are endless. If you want a regular tasty and at the same affordable pizza slice, try finding a restaurant called “Secret Pizza”. The directions to this place are not completely revealed so locating it can turn into an exciting hunt. When it comes to walking the Strip, it is one of the things you just cannot avoid after moving to Vegas with teenagers. All the bright lights of the hotels and casinos and the magnificent fountains are really one of a kind experience.

Exhibitions and shows

You might think that there are not too many exhibitions and cultural events in Vegas, but here is where you are wrong. There are a lot of shows that are exactly perfect to visit with your teens after moving to Vegas. Some that your kids might really like are Blue Men Group and Cirque du Soleil shows. When it comes to education, a Luxor’s Bodies…The Exhibition is a really one of a kind experience. You and your kids will be able to see real well-preserved human organs. This might benefit biology classes in the future. Mob Museum on the other hand can help in a better understanding of what actually lies behind all those stories about famous mobsters.

An exhibition of paintings
Other than bright lights and hotels you can see some very interesting shows and exhibitions

Are you ready to move to Vegas with teenagers?

After this article, we expect you to have a better understanding of what the city of Vegas can offer. And not only to you but to your children as well. You will always need to keep an eye on them and make sure that they do not hang out with suspicious individuals who can lead them the wrong way. But what you can do on your end is really a lot, taking into consideration what you can show them in the city. These small field trips and activities will not only be a distraction for your teens but actually an opportunity for all of you to enjoy as a family and bond further.


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