Moving to Nevada – Pros and Cons

Before you move, go through the pros and cons of the place. It will notably provide you with an overall picture. Be very meticulous in covering the basics regarding all the factors influencing your destination choice. In the first place, when it comes to moving to Nevada, you need to bear the thriving job market in mind. Additionally, do not disregard the tax abolition. Moreover, if you happen to be a nature lover, consider the landscape beauty. In like manner, rugged scenery, hiking trails, the vast desert, and Lake Tahoe are top reasons for moving to Nevada.

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Learn how to enjoy Nevada even before moving here.

Furthermore, get as many pieces of information as you can on climate and weather conditions. They might be pretty harsh given the desert. Lastly, make sure Nevada suits you in terms of health safety. If you can’t make up your mind, here is the list of advantages and downsides of relocating to Nevada. Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas are always here to answer all your questions.

A thriving job market

Firstly, moving to Nevada proves to be beneficial in terms of a flourishing job market.  Since it offers a wide array of jobs, you will be able to fend for yourself. As an illustration, the most common occupations nowadays are an electrician, an electrical technician, an industrial engineer, and an aircraft mechanic. Given the IT industry is flourishing, web and software developers are on demand. Likewise, a softer engineer and a computer technician are also favorite. Also, the market is in dire need of a qualified workforce.

Not only are these jobs appealing today, but they will continue regularly developing in the future as well. As a result, many people will have a chance to start and raise a family in Nevada due to a favorable job climate. With this in mind, call the moving company and get a quote as soon as possible.

Nevada is a tax-friendly state

Secondly, one of the main reasons to pick up a phone and dial a professional long distance movers Las Vegas is the tax system. Nevada is one of the most tax-friendly countries in the USA since there’s no income tax. For this reason, you are free from giving a certain amount of money to the state. To clarify, everything you earn is yours. Federal income taxes are a must, though.

Then again, Nevada doesn’ t impose the tax on inheritance. An additional advantage of moving to Nevada is no estate tax. On average, property tax in Nevada is markedly lower in comparison with the national average. Plus, Nevada is renowned for no corporate shares’ taxes which makes it a corporate tax haven. Another critical point of moving to Nevada is the lack of franchise tax. So, have you chosen the moving company to ask for its services yet?

Moving to Nevada for the stunning landscape is a definite benefit

Thirdly, moving to Nevada seems like a good idea owing to its awe-inspiring scenery. The Red Rock Canyon, to begin with. The cliffs will surely take your breath away. Next, azure Lake Tahoe surrounded by dark charcoal mountain tops provides you with a feeling of a new beginning. Subsequently, the tangerine sunset over the lake will contribute to recharging your batteries. In case that doesn’t suffice, you might enjoy the Valley of Fire State Park. Magnificent scenery with its crimson cliffs and scarlet arches is a point often overlooked.

The tangerine sunset over Lake Tahoe is an advantage of moving to Nevada
The chance to enjoy Lake Tahoe is an advantage of moving to Nevada

Also, do not underestimate the oddly shaped clay patterns of Cathedral Gorge State Park. The canyon offers an unforgettable experience of hidden caves investigating. If you like hiking, do not miss Juniper Draw Loop. In a nutshell, the view is unprecedented.

Learning to cope with Nevada climate

One of the disadvantages of moving to Nevada is its cold climate. As a result, summers are uncomfortably hot and arid. Additionally, Nevada is prone to heat waves and droughts. The weather is under the significant desert influence. Correspondingly, the summer temperatures are quite high and hard to deal with. Not nearly enough rainfall makes Nevada the dryest state in the US.

Consequently, forest fires are happening more frequently. Low humidity is a foreboding problem. The temperature keeps rising thus jeopardizing water supplies. The Lake Mead water level has decreased significantly during previous years. Snow accumulation has also deteriorated immensely. Similarly, temperature variations daily may be enormous. That’s why you should always have the following items on you:

  • cold water
  • sun cream
  • hat
  • jacket
  • extra socks
  • sunglasses
  • stout hiking boots

Is moving to Nevada a health hazard?

In the light of being a nuclear testing site, nuclear detonations were tested as weapons in Nevada. Thus keep in mind a health hazard. Explosions contained radioactive material. The testing program was operable for 30 years; hence the soil and air have been severely affected by radioactive particles. The most notorious accident took place in 1970 when a giant radioactive cloud was released. The deadly effects nowadays can cause cancer and other terminal diseases owing to toxic contamination.

In spite of testing that happened more than 6o years ago, the consequences such as cancer-linked deaths remain irrefutable proof of radiation. In reality, one of how people are becoming sick has been through cow milk. Considering the radioactive particles were spread everywhere, they ended up on grass which cow eat and digest. As a consequence, their milk has become contaminated.

A sign for Nevada Test Site
A health hazard is moving to Nevada downside

Time to make a decision

Having opted for moving to Nevada, you might want to go through the pros and cons just in case. Maybe you didn’t pay enough attention to all the issues so you may get a more detailed overview. At the same time, if you’ve checked all the aforementioned points, you can read it to give them another thought. Either way, it’ s useful to brush up on them in case you’ve forgotten the peculiars:

  • Have you made a detailed job market analysis yet?
  • Do you think your skill set feets the Nevada market demands?
  • Do you like the stunning Nevada landscape?
  • What about its less than desirable climate?
  • Can you cope with such unfavorable weather conditions?
  • Lastly, how do you feel about a dangerous health hazard?
  • Are you positive Nevada is the best destination for you?

If the decision after all this is favorable, then all you have to do is contact our moving company. We will make sure that your relocation goes by smoothly.

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