Moving schools: how to make it easier on your kids

The relocation can get pretty stressful for most people and we don’t consider only the physical aspect of it. The emotional rollercoaster that goes with the moving is sometimes even more to handle than tons of boxes and planning. It can get even more difficult for a household with kids as it opens the sensitive topic of moving schools. We have prepared some tips on how to make this whole process go smoother for the little or not so little ones.

kid doing homework
Talk to your kids about the upcoming relocation and acknowledge their feelings

Before we start

Moving with kids is more than thinking about moving schools. The kids can also feel emotional because of everything that’s going on around the upcoming relocation. Talking to your kids about the move beforehand is essential. You should give them time to process the fact that you are moving from the place you call your home. If the kids are younger, chances are this is the first place they have ever called home. Take your time to explain what’s going on and be patient. Include your kids in the relocation process. Ask them to help with packing their clothes, toys, and books. You might feel overwhelmed as you need to think about so many things. Look for moving services Las Vegas to get some help with at least the physical stress of the move.

Make a plan and stick to it

Moving with kids requires a bit more planning so make sure you start on time. You don’t want to be unprepared for any situation that can come across. The first thing to do after talking to your kids is to find a reputable moving company. Research and prepare eventual questions for companies for easier selection. You can also ask your friends to share their experiences if they have moved recently. Having the right professionals to help you makes a huge difference. Invest some time in searching and you will surely find one of the best moving companies Las Vegas. Make to-do lists and write down all the necessary packing supplies so you don’t have to think about that later.

kids in a school hallway
Explain to your kids that friendships can survive moving schools

Prepare your kids for moving schools

Be honest and patient

After you’ve had the conversation with your kids about the move, talk about school options. Show sympathy and talk about potential schools. Try to include the kids as much as possible in choosing the next school they will attend. Prepare them months in advance for moving, as they won’t be just moving schools. They will move from favorite teachers, close friends, and kids from the neighborhood they love to hang out with. Explain that going away doesn’t mean their friendships won’t survive. The kids need to hear that especially if you aren’t exactly moving to the next street. If that’s the case, you will need better preparation for the relocation too. Find and book long distance movers Las Vegas on time.

Bonus tip: be extra thoughtful if your kids are teenagers. Going through puberty is already a difficult phase for a lot of kids and parents.

Prepare the field for leaving

When your relocation becomes certain, visit your children’s schools. Talk to the principals and teachers so they know your kids are moving schools. This might come in handy as professors and teachers can help the kids accept the inevitable. Don’t let your kids lose interest in school or start with bad behavior because they are leaving. Politely ask the teachers to pay a bit more attention to your kids’ grades and overall behavior in class and school. This whole period can take months of struggle and hard conversations, plus packing and taking care of the house. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask your friends and family members to assist. This way you won’t have to deal with everything alone. Press pause and take your time to avoid burning out. If you don’t feel okay, chances are the kids won’t be so good either.

moving schools should consider kids' opinion too. make them write a list like this in the photo of what they want from the new school
Moving schools should consider kids’ opinions. Suggest writing a list of things they are worried/excited about

Have a positive attitude as much as you can

We know that dealing with all this can cause a massive amount of stress. Try to find the strength to be positive about the move, at least while talking to your kids about it. Fake it if you have to, it’s for a greater cause. When your kids see you seem excited and happy about the move, they will most likely feel better themselves. Ask them how they feel about everything. Do an exercise that will help the kids process their feelings. Have them write on paper things they are worried about and discuss them together. Make sure their feelings are validated. That will help the whole family make a smoother transition. 

Extra things to keep in mind

  • Arrange a visit to the new school before the kids are officially moved. Experiencing the new environment before classes begin would make them feel more comfortable.
  • Make sure all the documents for moving schools are prepared as soon as possible. 
  • If you manage to spare some time, throw a small gathering for your kids and their friends. Make photos and create nice memories together.
  • Help the kids make an address and info book for all their friends so they can write to each other or send DIY birthday cards and presents. They can always talk online, but this way the physical distance may seem smaller.
  • Try to find as much information on the new school, classes, and extracurriculars. The kids will fit in easier if they know what to expect.

To conclude

The relocation process can be long and difficult, especially when you are moving with kids. Don’t forget about the technical aspect of the move. Being anxious about the kids moving schools and fitting in can get your mind off other important things. Write down anything you have to remember and organize. Contact professional movers Las Vegas to Reno as soon as possible to avoid delays and problems with the transportation of your stuff. Start decluttering and pack in advance so you can be ready when the time comes. Taking care of your own needs is necessary if you want to be there for everyone else.

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