Moving into a dorm room – how to organize it fast

Moving is a complex procedure no matter when or where you are moving. This can be a sensitive time especially if you are about to become a college student and you have to move to a student dorm. This is a very exciting period in your life. You are about to start a new life away from your city. No matter whether you will have some furniture in your dorm room, you will still need plenty of items for your move. For this action, you will certainly need some external help. You will have to hire packing and moving companies Las Vegas to help you with the relocation procedure. Also, a new chapter of studying and meeting new people is about to begin. Above all, you need to think about getting everything you need and packing your possessions. Read how to organize moving into a dorm room.

Moving into a dorm room-start from the basics

First of all, take a seat and write down all the items that you need to buy for your move. Remember that packing is not easy or cheap, so try to make your inventory and only include items that you really need.

two people packing for moving into a dorm room
Start from the basic preparations

Packing can be quite overwhelming, as well as the moving day. Dorm rooms are usually not too big and you will most likely have to share it with somebody. Therefore, make sure before you hire furniture movers, that you bring only what is necessary. Also, reach out to your roommates and see what they plan to bring. This way you will ensure not to pile the same stuff or clutter the room with unnecessary items.  This will help you save the money both on buying and packing and transporting services. Once you have a firm plan, you can start with packing.

Bring your own moving dollies and bins with leads

Before you start packing, your moving list should contain the following basic items: bedding, towels, cleaners, and toiletries. To pack these and other items such as books, clothes, or some small furniture, use cardboard boxes. These can come in handy since these are breakable and you can put them in recycling. In addition, before same day movers Las Vegas come to pick things up, you can put them in bins with leads. It would be much easier to keep your items in such bins, in case you do not have enough drawers. If you plan to take a mini fridge into your dorm room, then using moving dollies is a must. This will make carrying items much easier. Remember to have some flat bins with leads which you can put under the bed. Also, label all the boxes.

Have a safety box with valuables

You will certainly need to bring some valuables when moving into a dorm room. For this reason, you will need to invest some money in a safety box. You may have some great roommates.

two people packing for moving
Have a safety box when moving into a dorm room

However, other people you do not know may enter your room and something may be missing. So, it is better safe than sorry. In addition, you can wrap things in plastic bags or towels, so they do not rattle or break while moving services Las Vegas carry them to your room. In addition, think about all the cables you will have. You can also put them in a safety box. Remember to properly wrap them up to avoid any tangling that can lead to damaging it. Also, check with the dorm whether they have a safe. Some items such as money, jewelry, or passport, you can keep there.

Packing your wardrobe

This may seem one of the most overwhelming things, especially if you plan to pack for all seasons. Again, try to apply a one-year rule. Bring only those pieces of clothing which you wore in the previous year. It is better to pack only for the current season as this way you will ensure enough space in your dorm closet. Whatever is missing, you can add in the middle of the term. Your parents may send you clothes or you can go to visit them and take what you need. When it comes to quick choice, one of the best relocation advice for students is to pack neutral palette colors which you can easily mix up. Of course, you can have some fancy clothes and shoes, but better bring something comfortable for every day. Once you move in, keep clothes on the hangers so you can have them ready.

Other tips for moving into a dorm room

Moving in into a student dorm is not easy and after all, you do not have to finalize everything in one day. Also, try to be patient as much as possible since other people will also be moving in at the same time. You will need to learn how to handle stress properly. If there are too many people at the same time, make sure to drop off your items and go for a walk. Or you can offer your roommates some help to finalize moving in faster so you can start together with your items.

a woman looking at a laptop
Take care about yourself during your move

In addition, remember not to be late when your movers arrive to take your possessions. Moving day is already stressful enough and the last thing you need is to have more stress by being late. Also, prepare some snacks and an essential bag for the day.

Moving into a dorm room is not an easy process. But still, you have plenty of time to prepare for it. Even in cases when you need to organize very quickly, you can create quick and effective plans that will help you a great deal. Finally, do not forget to have some fun during this whole process. This is actually the time of the great adventure. Your new period of life is about to begin and bring you lots of positive excitement. Look forward to meeting new people, going to college parties, learning new things and starting your great career.

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