Moving from Henderson to Las Vegas guide

The reasons for a move can vary among different people. From a job opportunity to a need for a change of complete environment and scenery. People also tend to move because of their loved ones or because they have a desire for a new adventure. Henderson is the second-largest city in Nevada and only about 16 miles away from Las Vegas. It is a city of many opportunities and a growing economy. Henderson attracts a lot of tourists due to its proximity to Sin City and is definitely a more peaceful place than Las Vegas. If for any of the above-mentioned reasons you need moving from Henderson to Las Vegas, let this guide be of help to you. We will try and help you make your decision more easily. We here, from Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas, can promise we can make this transition easy for you.

Do the research on Las Vegas before you move there

This rule should apply, no matter the moving destination. We strongly urge against just leaving one place for another, without any prior knowledge. First of all, you need to try and find a place to live in Las Vegas. Whether it will be a rented place or you plan on buying one, make an effort to find the best neighborhood for you. Then, if you do not have a job waiting for you there, start looking up the job opportunities. You can even start applying a month before you arrive. Nowadays, job interviews do not necessarily have to be in person. Online interviews are becoming more often, especially when the job in question will be done from home and not the actual office. If moving from Henderson to Las Vegas with family, you need to do research on new schools for your kids.

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Start researching Las Vegas if you plan on moving there

Find reputable movers when moving from Henderson to Las Vegas

Regardless of where you are moving from or to, the moving process is basically the same. The cost and the speed of the move will depend on the number of things you plan on moving and a potential deadline you have. Each moving process should certainly start with finding a good and reliable moving company. This will apply to your move from Henderson to Las Vegas as well. If you do not have a limited time to accomplish the move, start browsing at least two or three months ahead of the move. All recommendations from friends or colleagues are welcome, of course. Get in touch with at least four or five that you found with the best reviews and ask for a quote, but only after an in-home survey. If you choose to go with movers Henderson NV, you will not be sorry.

Packing time

When you have sorted the moving company, set the date of the move, and ran all necessary errands, it is time to pack. Calculate if it will be better for you to bring the furniture, or sell it and then buy a new one once you get to Las Vegas. In terms of clothes, throw or give away everything you haven’t worn for years. When it comes to home appliances or small pieces of furniture, try throwing a garage sale. It might be the best solution here. If you own certain pieces of art, then you must take good care of them during packing. You should even think about hiring professionals for this occasion. The packing process will be quicker if you involve all family members and some friends. You want to include your kids in the unpacking and packing process, it will make life easier for you.

A child helping his mother pack because of the moving from Henderson to Las Vegas
Include your kids in both the packing and unpacking process

Important facts about moving from Henderson to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city with a population of around 650 thousand people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. If you do not mind the sun and the heat, you will love it here. Most of the year is sunny, but winters can be cool, with the morning temperatures around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. This means having all sorts of clothes, from the summer one to a light winter coat. Spring and fall are the most enjoyable seasons according to the locals. When people think about Vegas, they usually think about the Strip. The Strip is a tourist corridor along Las Vegas Boulevard where all the hotels and casinos are. But this is just a small percentage of Las Vegas. If you are moving from Henderson to Las Vegas there will be other places you want to see and visit. You should check with locals what are the best spots in Las Vegas.

A view of the hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Boulevard
The Strip is only a part of the city with hotels and casinos

Costs and conditions of living in Las Vegas

The whole West Coast is a bit pricey compared to other parts of the USA. What is interesting about Las Vegas is that there is no state tax. This actually applies to whole Nevada. So definitely a big plus for moving here. The other thing is that living costs are not high, but the salaries are not high either. Also, it is more affordable to rent a family place than a one-bedroom apartment. An average salary in Las Vegas is much lower than the ones in San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles. Las Vegas has very good schools and universities, which is an important factor if you plan on staying here for a long period of time. Although one might not know, there are more entertainment events and places, other than the Las Vegas Boulevard. The internet is your friend, check all these out before the move.

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