Moving cross country with cats? You’ll want these 10 tips

So, you are moving to a new home? That’s great! But you aren’t moving alone. Your little companion is coming with you. Now, we know that moving cross country with cats might sound like a daunting task, but it isn’t. Just like your move won’t be hard with the help of Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas. If you can handle your move, so too can your cat. And, trust us when we say, you are not alone in this worry. We all love our pets. So, it’s no wonder that we take so much care of them. But, we also need to remember that they are animals, which means that they are more resilient than we give them credit for. In this article, we will give you our top 10 tips for traveling with your cat.

Preparing for the move is a must when moving cross country with cats

Let’s be honest, moving can be stressful. And if it’s stressful for humans, you can only imagine how stressful riding around for hours is for an animal who is used to running free. Moving cross country with cats can be a tricky endeavor, so preparation is a must. Before you do anything make sure you are familiar with the regulations for traveling with pets. First of all, the health of your cat is the most important thing. So make sure to schedule a vet check-up before you leave, to deal with vaccinations or if some medication is needed. After a vet check-up, you will need to update the microchip of your pet. And lastly, you need to get your pet all the essential supplies it needs, like :

  • travel carrier
  • portable litter box
  • food and water dishes
picture of a cat posing before moving cross country with cats
Moving cross country with cats is easy

Planning the route

Traveling is an uncertain endeavor with many twists and turns. So, one thing you should be careful about is picking the right route for your relocation. And since you are traveling with your cat, this is even more important. If you ask any affordable movers Las Vegas offers, they will point you to the best route. Since it is an animal you are traveling to, you need different accommodations than when you are traveling with humans. First of all, if you are traveling by car, your journey will probably take more than a day, so finding a hotel or a motel that is pet friendly is a must. You must plan your route smartly so you have rest spots where you can let your cat stretch its legs. Just be sure to leash it so it doesn’t run away.

woman looking at laptop planning the best rout for moving cross country with cats
Take your time and plan well

Preparing your cat for travels

Cats don’t usually travel with their humans. Usually, they are left in pet hotels so someone is taking care of them while you are away. And chances are your cat never entered a car before. That is why moving to Nevada is a popular trend right now. So getting used to it might be a problem. But, don’t worry! One great trick you can use is just to leave the carrier in the house during the day. This way a cat can get more familiar with it before even stepping foot inside. And if you use some sort of food or treat to encourage it to go in, even better. Once your cat is somewhat familiar with the carrier, and has no problem being inside, it is time for the next step. Taking that carrier with the cat inside, and making short trips, and in time longer.

Packing essentials for moving cross country with cats

Now that it is time to start your preparation for a move itself, there are a few things you need to consider. Just like you are planning packing for yourself, the same way you need to plan packing for your cat. It too has the essentials that it needs for a normal life. But with the help of the long distance moving companies Las Vegas offers, your planning will be easy. You probably would never forget your phone charger. Well, you shouldn’t forget anything important for your cat. The most important thing is its medication, without that, your cat might be in danger, also an emergency first-aid kit is a must in case of an accident. After that comes the food your cat likes, but also some treats you are giving it. This way, in combination with its favorite toys, you can make its trip a lot less stressful.

picture of a cat resting before moving cross country with cats
Make sure you packed everything your cat needs

Keeping your cat comfortable during the move

And it is finally here, the day of your move. Now the real challenge begins. And that is something you should consult cross country moving companies Las Vegas area offers. By now you have probably done a few shorter trips to get your cat familiar with the carrier. But, never this long. So, the important thing now is to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible. First of all, creating a calm environment is a must. You need to make your cat feel like it is still in her favorite chair. A great way to accomplish this is by using pheromone sprays that calm cats. Also playing some smooth and easy music on the radio can help keep your cat calm. Another thing you can do is make its carrier familiar. But its favorite blanket inside, and its favorite toys.

Please don’t worry, your cat will be fine

Now, we know that you love your cat. And we know that you are scared of it during your move. But, trust us, Moving cross country with cats isn’t as scary as it might seem. They are small, but resilient creatures, so you don’t have to fear for their safety that much. For sure, you do need to be prepared for that journey. Visiting your vet and making sure your cat is ok is most important. Buying necessary stuff for its travel is next on the list, so once it is used to its carrier you can start your move. So have safe travel, and have fun in your new home with your old car!

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