Moving advice you would share with your friends

If you’ve ever had to move out by yourself, you know how much of a struggle it can be. If you are trying to be a good friend and help your buddies prepare for their upcoming move, here you can look up some moving advice you would share with your friends. There are quite a lot of ways to lend a helping hand to your friend that don’t include carrying a heavy couch down the stairs. And since we are only able to cover a few of them now, you can always help them choose some top moving companies Las Vegas for a more complicated move. We know you really wish to help your friend but you probably don’t have enough time to do labor-intensive jobs. Luckily, there are many other equally appreciated ways to assist them.

Friends hanging out
Moving advice you would share with your friends should be carefully picked out.

Top 5 moving advice you would share with your friends

In case your friend is moving out for the first time or hasn’t moved in a long time, you could be a great source of information for them. Even if you can’t be there for them on the actual moving day, your support will mean a lot.  If you’ve lived in Vegas for a while, you probably have a lot of information to give to your friends who are moving to Las Vegas. On top of showing them around town, here are the top 5 things you should do before their departure:

  1. Make a moving playlist for them. There’s no better way to help them stay upbeat and energized during their moving process. You can even make them two separate playlists, one for packing and one for when they hit the road. This is a great way to be their moral support if you can’t be there for them physically.
  2. Bring them a hot meal. It’s so easy to forget to sit down and have a meal when your kitchen is filled up with boxes and you have a million other things to stress about. When you don’t have the time to stay and help them, bringing them a meal before going to work will mean so much to them.
  3. Offer to watch their pets. Pets can easily get in the way when your friend is trying to pack their whole house. Even if your friend’s furry friend is a very good boy. Offer to watch their pets at your place during the hours they’re loading and off-loading items on the moving truck. Or take them to one of many great dog parks in Las Vegas. You will help out your friend a lot and their pet will also feel relieved from all the chaos.
  4. Help them with packing. Assisting your friend when packing is a very valuable favor that they can’t take for granted. If you have the time for it, we are sure your friendship will grow stronger. But if not, suggest they hire our reliable relocation services Las Vegas that can do everything for them.
  5. Let them borrow your car. Even if they hired a moving company, it can be helpful for them to have another car on hand.
Borrowing your car to a friend
Lending your car to your friend is a small effort on your part, but can make a huge difference for them.

We hope that this article has given you enough ideas on moving advice you would share with your friend. They can always get a free quote from our Triple 7 Movers Las Vegas for more assistance. Making an effort to help out with small and specific tasks will show your friend how much you truly care.

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