Moving advice on mistakes to avoid during your next move

Moving house is a process that requires you to make a lot of important decisions. Unfortunately, making the wrong decision can lead to big problems during relocation. If you want to have a safe move without many issues, you’ll need to learn about all the mistakes to avoid during your next move. We’ll give you a list of all the things that you should avoid doing while moving house. Hopefully, this simple guide will minimize the number of challenges and problems you face during relocation. So, let’s begin.

Moving mistakes to avoid

1. Hiring a fraudulent moving company

When you’re moving house, you need all the help you can get. That is exactly why most people opt for hiring professional help to ease the moving pain. But, when you’re looking for the perfect LV movers, you need to be careful. Unfortunately, there are many companies that are out to scam you, so you need to make sure you’re making a good and safe choice. If you don’t know how to do that, we’ll give you some tips.

A man researching - to avoid mistakes during your next move, you should get all the info about the movers
Get online and research the moving company before you hire it.

To avoid making moving mistakes, you need to do your research. Before you hire a company, you should learn everything there is to know about it.

  • Find out if the company has all the licenses and make sure that it is legitimate. Don’t get into business with movers that don’t seem legit if you want to avoid moving mistakes.
  • Read the reviews of the company. What are their customers saying? Are people mainly satisfied or do they have many things to complain about? If there are many complaints and bad reviews, take it as a red flag and run.
  • Ask your friends and family for recommendations. If you know anyone who’s got experience with moving companies, it’s worth asking for their advice.
  • Call the company and ask them to give you moving estimates. If they’re not willing to do that, it’s a bad sign.

2. Not getting written binding moving estimates

As we’ve mentioned, you should always ask the moving company to give you moving estimates. If you’re trying to find affordable movers Las Vegas, this is especially important. You need to know how much money you’ll be spending on your relocation. Getting moving quotes will help you when calculating your budget.

Calculator and papers
When you’re defining a moving budget, an essential thing to do is ask the movers for moving estimates.

However, if you’re researching the mistakes to avoid during  your next move, you should beware of the kind of estimates you’re getting. There are companies that will try to get away with giving you their estimates over the phone or email. Don’t accept that. The best thing to do is to require in-home moving estimates. Other than that, you should demand that they give you written moving quotes and binding ones as well. When you get binding estimates, the movers aren’t allowed to add any extra fees after the relocation. So, they’ll weigh your belongings and give you the exact price you’ll be paying.

3. Choosing the wrong moving date

It’s all about choosing the perfect moving date. You may not think this is important, but if you’re trying to save some coins, it’s crucial to choose wisely. A lot of people don’t think about the mistakes to avoid during the move and they just pick a random moving day. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

Yearly planner - one of the mistakes to avoid during your next move is choosing a bad moving date
Get your planner and calendar out and figure out a moving date that doesn’t break the bank.
  • The ideal moving time is between October and May. It might sound silly, but that’s a fact. As residential movers have most customers during the summer, it is difficult to find an available date, and it’s also more expensive. So, stay away from the peak of the moving season if you want to save some money.
  • Most people move on the weekend, which means that moving companies are fully booked. So, to get a better deal and have more days to choose from, we advise you to move on working days.
  • Finally, try to choose a date in the middle of the month. As most leases end at the beginning or the end of the month, that’s when most people relocate.

4. Leaving things for the last minute

One of the mistakes to avoid during your next move is rushing the relocation. If you leave packing, hiring LV local movers and any other important things for the last minute, you might lose your mind. Relocating is always a stressful project, so having enough time for everything is very helpful. When you’re on a tight schedule, you easily become overwhelmed and burnt out. It’s better to start planning the move in advance and leave plenty of time for solving potential problems. Also, this is a good way to avoid mistakes during your next move as you’ll have time to think things through.

5. Not transferring utilities and changing the address on time

We know that no one likes taking care of the administration side of things and changing their address. However, this is a crucial step. Before you move into your new home, you should go to the post office and change your address. You can even do this on the USPS website, so there’s no excuse to procrastinate. Also, make sure to transfer all of your utilities so that they’re up and running when you get to your new place. 

Now you know which mistakes to avoid during your next move

So, now you know what you’re supposed to do to achieve a successful relocation. You just need to remember the mistakes to avoid during your next move and you’ll be fine. Do your thorough research and prepare in advance. Try to be prepared for anything that the move throws at you. We wish you good luck.

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