Moving a hot tub to Summerlin: how to guide

It doesn’t matter if you are moving your hot tub from one place to another or you are in a big relocation process. However, you look at it, you are in for a long and exhausting process. We can recommend some of the top moving companies  Las Vegas, and they will help you with moving a hot tub to Summerlin.

We all know what an average hot tub looks like, but what a few of us don’t know is that its weight go from 500 pounds to more than 1000 pounds. This could be a really heavy task to do on your own. Not to mention that you need to take into consideration where you will place it or how you will transport and install a hot tub by yourself. Here we present a how-to guide for moving a hot tub to Summerlin.

How to move a hot tub easily

Here you will find a checklist of things to do before the moving process actually begins. To ensure your safety and lower the chances of anything going wrong call Summerlin movers to help you with preparing your hot tub for the move. Let’s get to the checklist first!

man fixing an outlet
An electrician is needed to safely unplug your hot tub.
  • Cut off the power
  • Open the hot tub drain
  • Clean your hot tub

Cut off the power before moving a hot tub to Summerlin

You have to remember that the hot tub is full of water and carries a certain danger of moving it before plugging it out first. Hot tubs are directly wired to the power supply, and to safely unplug them you will need help. The external help can be an electrician or someone from the spa service.

Open the hot tub drain

Depending on the hot tub model, the drain could be located in different places, but most models have it located on the outside near the lower rim. But sometimes you could use the pumps to speed up the process.

Clean it before moving a hot tub to Summerlin

Usually people think that just draining out the water is everything they need to do, and they forget about the actual hot tub cleaning. Cleaning out the excess water with towels will help your movers for easier relocation preventing the mess that could happen while they move your hot tub to Summerlin.

Get your moving supplies ahead of time

First of all, if you are not using help from hot tub movers Las Vegas, and decide to move it by yourself, you should get proper moving supplies. Here you will find a list of some supplies that you will absolutely need to ensure a proper moving process for your hot tub.

Proper materials will ensure an easier move and safety of your hot tub.
  1. several large plywood pieces
  2. moving straps
  3. two furniture dollies
  4. cleaning supplies

This kind of supplies can be found anywhere from Dollar Tree to Home Depo, so don’t be worried about finding them. Make sure that your furniture dollies can sustain the weight of your hot tub, as we mentioned the average hot tub goes from 500 to 1000+ pounds. Also, make sure that your furniture dollies are of the appropriate size.

One of the ways to move a hot tub to Summerlin

In order to move a hot tub to Summerlin, you need to ensure proper transportation. A way to ensure that is either by calling and renting a moving truck or calling residential moving companies Las Vegas.

Before actually moving a hot tub to Summerlin, ensure you have a plan of moving. You need to take into consideration the path you will take while moving it. Maybe you have stairs or the gate is not wide enough, maybe you will need a few helping hands to lift and rotate at some point. So a proper plan goes a long way to ensure a safe move to Summerlin.

After you have planned the route of moving and maybe got a couple of helping hands the actual process of physically moving comes into play. Here we use the supplies that we already mentioned in this article.

Step one

The plywood should be placed below ensuring a flat surface for the hot tub to rest on, as well as giving us an easier way to slip the furniture dollies underneath.

Step two

Here is where the actual moving plan comes into play. By knowing if there are any obstacles on your way, you know if you should place your jacuzzi horizontally or vertically on the plywood.  Of course, these all come easier when you are having the professional help of your moving company such as movers in the city of Summerlin.

Step three

Make sure that the hot tub is secured. With the help of the dollies roll a hot tub onto the moving truck to move to Summerlin. Now everything is up to the driver until it reaches your new home. Here is where the dollies come into play again. Slowly and securely move the hot tub out of the truck and with the help of movers or your friend move it to its new place.

Step four

This is the final step of moving a hot tub to Summerlin. Now all you need to do is to connect the electricity and fill your tub with the water (if you didn’t clean the tub after draining water out this is the perfect time to do it). We recommend professional help for the electricity because in some cases depending on the hot tub model it can be quite tricky. Now, all that’s left is to put on your bikini, get your refreshing drinks, and enjoy your hot tub after you settle into your new home.

towels to clean a hot tub after moving a hot tub to Summerlin
Towels can help you clean the jacuzzi as well as dry yourself after you finish using it

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