Move your home office with ease

Working remotely is interesting. But when you need to move your home office to a new place, that doesn’t sound so appealing. People who work from home say that home office is one of the most complicated rooms to move. If you follow our tips, this difficult task will be a piece of cake for you! And if you’re moving your office soon hire movers Henderson NV and get the best moving quotes.

Make a plan to move your home office

A good plan is key to any success. Start early! If you procrastinate, you’ll be more stressed out while working under pressure. Write an inventory of things to move. But also, establish the list of things to get rid of. Gather all packing supplies and hire movers ahead of time. It’s great to have some professional help to move your office equipment fast while moving to Las Vegas.

girl using a computer
Before you start to move your office, make a good moving plan!

Gather all packing supplies

First, make sure to clean your home before moving out like a pro. Surely you don’t want to bring the dust and mess to your new home. Next, gather all packing supplies for relocating your office. You’ll need various sized cardboard boxes, bubble wrapping, Ziploc bags, trash bags, packing paper, old clothes and other.

Get rid of the clutter before moving your office

Before you start to move your home office, get rid of all unnecessary things. Not only will you reduce the amount of stuff you pack, but you will also save money on shipping. And once you relocate your office, discover the best ways to store your book collection properly.

pile of documents
Less is more! Get rid of old papers and books and save money on packing and shipping services.

Categorize the things for moving

To avoid losing and damaging your items, you can categorize the things for moving like this to ease your packing:

  • office furniture (desk, chairs, sofa, shelves, etc)
  • IT equipment
  • documents and books
  • fragile items
  • plants

Packing your office stuff

Disassemble bulky furniture and items and pack them carefully into moving boxes. You can pack fragile items like mugs, lamps or paintings in boxes with bubble wrapping or some blankets. To relocate your documents and books, you can use trash bags. And for small parts and utilities, such as screws, keys, and chargers, you can use Ziploc or sandwich bags.

Backup your computer

The thing most people forget about while moving their office is to backup the computer.  Copy all data just in case something goes wrong during the move.

girl looking at a computer
Don’t forget to backup your computer, or you may face an unpleasant situation when setting it up at your new place.

Move your IT equipment safely

After you backup your data, shut down, disconnect and unplug your devices. Original boxes are the best way to relocate electronics and IT equipment. But you can use free moving boxes and a lot of cushioning materials inside to protect the devices from shaking and damaging. Also, take your phone and laptop in their case with you, during the move.

move your home office
Make sure to pack your computer and IT equipment while your pets are away, to avoid unnecessary problems.

Don’t forget to label the boxes

Label all boxes and you’ll know where to find things. Besides, take photos of how everything is connected, and put them inside the boxes to speed up the unpacking process.

Hire professional movers to move your home office

Only professional movers will know everything about moving IT equipment. Find a reliable moving company and relocate your computer, gadgets and devices safely.

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