Last minute move packing advice

What makes the moving process so long and stressful? If we say that’s the packing part, we’re sure you will agree with us. Packing all your belongings can take extremely long. What happens if you have limited time to get packed? It makes the situation much worse. You have hundreds of items to pack and don’t have enough time? We’re sure this situation will create stress. With limited time, every single step has to be planned carefully so that problems can be avoided. If you have no time, we’re sure there will be a lot of problems for you. To save yourself from unnecessary stress, contact Triple 7 Movers immediately. We are fast at packing and we are at your service. To save yourself from unnecessary stress when you have limited time for your move, read this last-minute move packing advice. We are sure it will help you.

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Last minute packing can be stressful. Make it easy with these solutions

We always recommend starting on time, but since people are very busy working, that’s not always possible. You may think that last-minute packing can turn your move into a catastrophe, but that doesn’t have to be the case. If you want to be perfectly packed at the last minute, just hire movers Las Vegas. They’re the ones you can fully trust and rely on. A great experience in relocating people makes them the perfect choice for your move.

Ask for help

Okay, your move needs to start as soon as possible, and you are alone. Without a doubt, you are not capable of packing everything on your own in such a short period of time. So, the best last minute move packing advice is to seek help. One or two more pairs of arms are more than welcome when you need to be packed as fast as you can. With additional help, you won’t lose your mind rushing through the house and trying to pack all at once.  You can invite a good friend or family member to help you. It’s good to ask them at least one day in advance so that they can be prepared for what’s coming. They could be busy if you don’t inform them promptly.

Logistics is important

When you need to do tasks very quickly, the organization is crucial. So, when you do last-minute move packing, it’s essential to know what comes next. It’s great to make a list of all the activities you need to do. The first thing on the list should be either hiring a professional moving company or renting a truck if you pack on your own. When you hire a reliable moving company like we are – Triple 7 Movers, there are just minor things you need to worry about. You can read our clients’ reviews to find out why are we a good choice for your move.

boxes with items
With a professional moving company, your last-minute packing will go easy.

If you somehow plan to pack on your own, let’s see what you can do to speed up the process. After the first thing on the list, the second should be by which order you will pack your rooms. We advise starting with the rooms that have the greatest number of items. So, it means that the kitchen would be the first one. With all the equipment, glassware, and cutlery, packing a kitchen probably takes the longest. Since there are many fragile items in the kitchen, packing those things requires additional care.

When you make an order which room goes first, second, etc, you need to make a list of all the necessary supplies you need. You should gather boxes in different sizes, papers, and foils for packing, bubble wrap, labels, duct tape, box cutters, markers.  Once you do everything aforementioned, you can get down to work.

Say goodbye to all belongings you don’t really need

With limited time, you should make your packing process as easier as you can. So, take a walk through your flat. Have a thorough look at items and try to figure out what belongings you really need in your new home. By getting rid of unnecessary things, you’ll save much time for other tasks you need to do while relocating. It’s important to think practically. We all have a lot of things of sentimental value, but do we ever need them actually? Don’t let emotions overwhelm you. In case you really can’t discard something, you can move it to a storage unit.

Furthermore, you can divide things you want to discard into three categories – for garbage, for recycling, and for donating. Not only will donating save you time, but also make those in need happy. If you get rid of the unnecessary things now, you won’t have to do decluttering when you move into your new home.

Use trash bags and suitcases

If you don’t have time to gather all needed supplies for moving like boxes and crates, trash bags could be your solution. Use these bags for non-fragile items like towels, blankets, and clothes. These bags are usually non-transparent and can be mistakenly thrown in the trash. Don’t forget to label these bags with noticeable labels so that these bags don’t end up in the landfill. You should buy sturdy and durable trash bags. You don’t want your clothes all over the street if a bag breaks during the transport. Using trash bags should be your ultimate last minute move packing advice.

a trash bag with waste
Trash bag can be used instead of regular moving boxes

In case you run out of trash bags, you can use shopping tote bags. We all have them somewhere in our homes. You can also save time and space in a truck by filling your bags and suitcase with your belongings. These bags can be filled with different nonbreakable items like toiletries, clothes, books, etc.

Labeling boxes is crucial

You may think that skipping to label the boxes is good as it can save you some time. Okay, it is partially true, but labeling will make your unpacking process very easy. So, don’t think just about the present moment. Have your future tasks in mind and make them easier. You can do these things to make unpacking easier:

  • write on each box/bag what’s inside
  • the room that particular box/bag will go
  • special notes like ”fragile” or ”open first”

Use towels or clothes as a protection

If you fall short of bubble wrap foil and don’t want to waste your time driving and buying more, don’t worry. You can use your clothes and towels to protect your belongings during transport. Also if you run out of packing paper, you can use newspaper to protect your glassware and other fragile items.

Trust the professionals

When you are short on time you can always reach out to a professional moving company. That is the best solution if you need to pack in no time. Some of the Movers Las Vegas to Reno could help you pack your items without stress. With our help, all your belongings will be safely packed and ready for transport.

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