Las Vegas vs. Reno – costs of living compared

In case you are planning to move from Las Vegas to Reno or vice versa, you might be interested in how they differ. Adjusting to a new place after the move, there are a lot of things that will take some time to get used to. Not least of which is how some prices compare between the two cities. Before you decide whether to relocate you should compare Las Vegas vs. Reno to see what is the most financially sound decision for you. Only then start searching for movers Nevada can provide you with for your relocation. Cost of living is an important element to take into account when moving, so inform yourself well on the topic.

Bill with groceries in background
Cost of living differences; Las Vegas vs. Reno.

Las Vegas vs. Reno – Groceries

So, you found a nice new place to live in. Already you are typing into google search reliable movers near me, to help you transport all of your stuff to your new home. While doing this, you also might want to take some time and find out how Las Vegas vs. Reno compare when it comes to grocery shopping. On average it seems that Las Vegas has lower prices for basic food items such as bread, milk, and meat. The price difference can’t be disregarded, since some products have up to 20% or lower costs in Las Vegas than in Reno. Here are some more items that are cheaper in Vegas than in Reno:

  • Eggs
  • Beef
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Bottled water
  • Alcohol

Salaries and utilities

Another thing that is worth checking, before finding out what cross country moving companies Las Vegas has, is how Salaries compare between Reno and Las Vegas. This is, of course, going to vary depending on a job and the company you work for. But when it comes to an average monthly salary, after factoring in the taxes, Las Vegas has the advantage. The monthly net salary in Reno is just under 3.000 $, while in Vegas it is around 4.000 $. This is more than a 35% difference in funds you can spend on your basic needs and an occasional treat.

Coins with plants on them, to symbolize salary in Las Vegas vs. Reno
Las Vegas has a larger average salary than Reno, but also higher utility costs.

The thing that might also interest you is how much of your salary will be spent on paying utility bills. Basic utilities refer to things such as electricity, heating or cooling, water, and garbage disposal. On this account, when looking at Las Vegas vs. Reno, it seems that Reno has lower utility bills. Aldo the difference is small, around 2.4%. And if you are using the internet to look for movers Las Vegas to Reno, note that internet provider services seem to be cheaper in Las Vegas. On the other hand, prepaid mobile tariffs are almost 280% more expensive.

Las Vegas vs. Reno -Transportation

Once you move to a new place you will also need a way to move around on a day to day basis. Traveling to work and back home, going to the grocery store or restaurant, etc. How much you will need to spend on this depends on whether you own a vehicle or not. If you have a car, once again in Las Vegas vs. Reno, Vegas is the cheaper option for you, since gasoline prices are lower. But if you use public transportation Reno has much lower costs.

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