Key differences between residential and commercial moving

Moving is a very general term used for relocating from one place to another. While people may think all moves are the same, there are actually quite a few types of relocation. They all have their own characteristics and may be completely different from one another. The same applies to residential and commercial moving. To most people, these might look like pretty similar things. However, they have almost nothing in common. That’s why our expert Nevada movers are here to discuss the key differences between residential and commercial moving.

What is residential moving?

It is very likely that you have moved houses before in your life. That’s why you are probably already familiar with the process of residential moving. House moves are way more simple than commercial ones. This is because all you need to do is pack up your belongings into some boxes, move them to their new location, and then unpack everything. Whether you are moving into a large mansion or a little apartment, it is seen as a small-scale relocation. The best method to ensure a smooth relocation procedure is to hire professionals like household movers Las Vegas. It’s the only way to be completely sure that all your things are in safe hands.

a cheerful couple writing in a notebook near the boxes and talking about differences between residential and commercial moving
Residential moving greatly differs from commercial moving mostly in its simple execution

What about commercial moving?

As we’ve mentioned before, commercial moving is something completely different. Instead of relocating a house, commercial movers specialize in moving whole offices and large businesses. In this case, hiring professionals is not a choice, but a must. You can’t possibly perform this kind of move by yourself. This is why business owners don’t have anything to worry about as the experts need to handle all the work. 

When it comes to moving a business from one place to another, there is special equipment that needs to be used in the process. This includes packing material, transportation equipment, and much more. Office movers Las Vegas are skilled and well-trained teams of people who can move businesses easily, but it still requires a lot of planning, work, and patience. 

Main differences between residential and commercial moving

We talked about these two types of moving in general and what they typically include. Now it’s time to dive into the subject a bit deeper and see what the key differences between residential and commercial moving are:

  • Duration of making the moving plan
  • The size of the moving team
  • Time sensitivity
  • Electronic equipment
  • Heavy lifting

The time required to plan the move

Residential moving is, in most cases, way more simple than commercial moving. Therefore, it takes less time to plan the whole process. When it comes to residential moving, there is a scheduled date on which movers come to your home to transport your belonging to the new location. Therefore, it usually takes one or a few days to complete. On the other hand, commercial movers work with relocating whole businesses, which means it can take about 6 months or more, depending on the amount of work. Careful planning and little to no mistakes are a must for a successful commercial move. Not only that, but the whole process usually leaves a very big impact on the business itself. Strategies that commercial movers use are planned months in a advance to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

a person holding a white mini bell alarm clock
Commercial moving is more complex so it takes a lot more time

The size of the moving team required for a successful move

Since residential move is the less complex one, a smaller team of professionals can perform the move. A few well-trained employees of affordable movers Las Vegas can successfully load the moving truck and unload it at the new location. 

Commercial moving is something that requires a big number of people working on the relocation. This is because there are many parts of the plan that are more than one group of professionals is supposed to handle. They all work together in order to perform a smooth move to help the business start working again as soon as possible.

Time sensitivity

While it’s true that planning a commercial move takes longer, movers always work hard to complete it as soon as possible. This means that there is almost no room for mistakes as fixing them would waste a lot of time and affect the business. Another reason why commercial moving needs to be dealt with fast is that after closing temporarily, business needs to be opened in the shortest period of time possible. There are a lot of customers who depends on every business. 

When we take a look at residential moving, things are pretty different. You might think that moving houses can also be urgent and you are not wrong. However, that’s mostly not the case. Professionals who perform residential moving can work at a slower pace because the amount of work they need to complete is not as big. This doesn’t mean residential moving is less important, it’s just not as complex as commercial moving.

Electronic equipment

Moving a business to a new location includes working with more serious electronic equipment. Computers, monitors, printers, and photocopiers are just a few examples. The main reason why these need special care in the moving process is because the business depends on them. Very often, equipment like this is very expensive as well, so repairing any damage can be a huge drawback for the company. This is why moving services Las Vegas have experienced employees who know how to handle this type of move.

electronics engineer fixing cables on a server
Commercial moving includes the transportation of serious electronic equipment

Every home has some kind of electronic equipment like kitchen and home appliances. Residential movers have tons of experience with these items and know how to handle them. They can easily secure these belongings, safely move them in and out of the moving truck. 

Heavy lifting

Heavy lifting is the last thing on our list of the differences between residential and commercial moving. In residential moving, there can be a few heavier items here and there like furniture, pianos, and such. However, commercial movers work with extremely heavy items every time. Moving things like vending machines, heavy machinery, photocopiers requires a lot of manpower and can’t be done easily. That’s why commercial movers work in bigger teams and use special equipment to perform relocations successfully.

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