Informing people about your relocation – who and why?

The hardest thing about moving is not relocating your household. It’s informing people about your relocation. For moving-related logistics you can hire a professional moving company to help you. But what about telling your family, kids, and close friends about your moving? No one can make this task easier for you. Also, in the whole moving process you can easily forget about informing someone important. Read our article and find out whom to communicate that you’re moving. And check the moving services Las Vegas to help you with relocation.

Informing people about your relocation

Thinking about relocating your household professionally? Hire movers in Pahrump NV. And if you’re thinking about informing people about your relocation, see whom to inform first:

  • family members
  • kids
  • closest friends
  • employer and colleagues
  • landlord
  • veterinarian
  • medical and educational facilities
  • utility providers
  • postal services

Family and kids

When it comes to informing people about your relocation, your family members and kids are first to know. Telling adults that you’re changing your address is easier. But notifying teens and small children about the move is really difficult. Speak with them about the things that will remain the same and tell them what are the benefits of moving. Sometimes, telling kids about moving requires the help of a psychologist. Relocating with family to Las Vegas? Check the best sports and activities in Las Vegas to explore this winter.

a mother and a child sitting
Family members and kids are first to know about relocation.

Of course, there’s no need to inform every single neighbor and friend from Facebook that you’re moving. But close friends should know first. Throw a farewell party and give them your new contact and address. Don’t forget to find and inform movers about relocation. But know how to avoid moving companies that use day laborers.

Your current employer and colleagues

If moving requires quitting the current job, then you must inform your employers and colleagues as soon as you can. They’ll need to find a new employee to replace you.

office meeting
Organize a small office meeting, or send e-mails about your relocation. Informing people about your relocation is important, especially if you’re quitting or changing your job.

Your landlord

Furthermore, if you’re renting your current home, make sure to inform your landlord about moving at least a month before moving out. Also, make sure to give him in writing your move-out date and information.

a handshake in front of the house
Besides, if you’re renting your current home, make sure to inform your landlord about moving at least a month before.


Moving with pets? Informing their vet is a must. And, their vet will give you pet’s health record and recommend the best way for their relocating. For example, if you’re relocating overseas. Moreover, the vet will provide you a health certificate listing of all inoculations to confirm your pet is free from infectious disease.

veterinarian carrying a pet
Moving with pets requires informing their vet about relocation.

Third-party services

What other people to inform about your relocation? Equally important is to inform people from your medical and educational facilities, utility providers and postal services. Also, Contact the US Postal Service to inform them about changing the address. Next, call utility providers to take care of water, electricity, internet and other things.

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