How to Throw a Housewarming Party in Vegas

So you are moving to Vegas? You’re in luck! The city isn’t only a huge tourist attraction, but can also be quite welcoming to the newcomers. Beautiful weather, lovely people, so many things to do and see – all of these await for you! And yet, people still worry. After they are done with residential moving companies Las Vegas, they fear that they will not be accepted. How can you make friends in a city as busy and as fast as Vegas? By doing what people in Vegas love to do – party! So, to meet new neighbors and make new friends, throw a housewarming party in Vegas! How to do it? Find out in this article!

Who Should You Invite?

The first problem that people run into when they want to throw a housewarming party in Vegas is who to include on their invite list. Should it be their grandparents or their kids? Neighbors or old friends? Coworkers and the boss? All of this depends on what you want to accomplish with your housewarming party! However, the list will also help you work towards completing the party itself. So, you should start creating a guest list as soon as possible.

Vegas sign
Time to party!

How will the guests determine the party you’re throwing? Well, think about it this way. Would you want your kids at the same party you are having with your party-animals best friends? Of course not! The type of people you are inviting can often clash with each other. Because of this, you might end up hosting a couple of Vegas housewarming parties, to accommodate everyone. You might want one party for your new coworkers, where you get to network a little. Or, you can throw a housewarming party in Vegas neighborhood of your choice after Summerlin movers leave you there so you can get to know your neighbors a little better.

One helpful thing to remember is that you need to have a core group of people around whom you are basing your list. For example, you might want to get to know your next-door neighbors. So, you will be inviting people similar to them – and thus creating your invitee list that way.

Set Up the Perfect Vibe

Once that you have your guest list ready, it’s time to think about the ambiance of your party. Las Vegas is the city of fun – and there probably is no party that it has not seen. Still, you can try your best to throw a housewarming party in Vegas people will be talking about in the days to come – and hitting the right mood is really important for that!

The vibe of the party will depend on your purpose. Think about why you are throwing the party. Is it because you want help unpacking all the boxes? Or maybe you just want for everyone to see your fancy new home in Vegas? Once you make up your mind on what message you are trying to send with your party, you will know how to proceed.

Cocktails are important when you throw a housewarming party in Vegas
Think of the perfect party drink!

Some of the things you will want to have at your party are food and drinks. Some would argue that these might even be the most important factors in deciding the theme for your party. They suggest creating a signature cocktail. Not only will this add a personal touch to the party – but you will also save some money by not buying all the alcohol you can find! However, it’s still essential to include vegetarian and non-alcoholic options at your table. This way, all your guests will enjoy the party!

When to Throw a Housewarming Party in Vegas?

So now that you have yourself a theme and the guest list, it’s time to think about the perfect time and place for your party! That is a necessary step and an important decision to make. If people cannot make it to your party – then what’s the party even worth?

The time of the party will depend on why you want to throw it. If your guests will help with unpacking, then tossing something up right after local movers Nevada have turned their backs on you would be perfect for you! However, if you want to show off with your home, you might throw a housewarming party in Vegas months after you moved there! You will, of course, use the meantime to get all the fanciest furniture you can to leave your friends breathless!

A night party
Is your party during the day or at night?

The next thing to consider would be the time of the day you will be throwing your party in. Again, this will really depend on what you want your party to be – and who you are inviting to it. Think carefully about it before you make your decision. Finally, try to place it during the week – people are usually quite busy over the weekend.

Where Are You Partying?

The final thing you want to think about is where you will have the party! Of course, a housewarming party is usually in the house – but the room choice will depend on when you are throwing it! If it starts somewhere in the afternoon, then you might want to have a patio grilling fiesta! If you have a game room, then maybe you can just take it easy with your closest friends until the early hours.

Finally, when you throw a housewarming party in Vegas, always make sure you check the weather! It is usually pretty nice here, but you don’t want anything to rain on your parade – not even the weather! Don’t let this stress you on moving day! Plan ahead and your party will be the best one Vegas has ever seen!

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