How to tell your family that you are moving interstate?

Organizing an interstate move requires a lot of detailed planning. Mainly, there is the arduous task of selecting a moving company. Then, you have to pack and prepare all of your items. Even though these tasks are difficult, there is still one more important thing on your checklist. You need to tell your family that you are moving to another state. After you hire one of the cross country moving companies Las Vegas has to offer, you need to break the news to your loved ones. There really is no easy way to say this, so you have to be mindful and considerate. The conversation may be more or less difficult, depending on the type of relationship you have with the family. To help you get through this uncomfortable situation, we have prepared useful tips for breaking the news to your family.

person deciding how to tell their family they are moving
Even though this is a difficult decision, remember to keep calm and think it through

Decide the best way to tell your family that you are moving

Nobody knows your family better than you do. So, once you figure out where and how you will relocate, it is time to share the news with your loved ones. To do this, you have to pick a time and place, and set the stage, so to speak. For example, if your family is overly protective and you’re expecting a difficult conversation, try dropping subtle hints. From time to time, mention that you’re thinking about leaving town through casual conversation. See if they pick up on it and allow them to process the idea. If you’ve been talking about relocating for some time and you never experienced resistance or discouraging words, then the conversation will probably be ok. In the end, talking about it is unavoidable, but this is a good way to subtly ease into the conversation.

Organize a family meeting and have a conversation together

Regardless if your loved ones will support the decision or not, you can’t just deliver this information to them out of the blue. Nor should this be done in a public place. If you want to do this right, you’ll need to figure out a time and a place to do so. This move is a big deal not just for you, but for your family as well, keep this in mind. As we said before, there is no easy way to deliver this news, so be considerate. The task ahead is far more complicated than picking the right LV movers. So, call a family meeting, and sit down with everyone. It’s a good idea to do this in a pleasant atmosphere, preferably over dinner. Take your time and explain to everyone your plans in life, and the reasons behind your decisions.

a group of friends sitting around a fire
Gather with everyone in a pleasant setting and tell them about your plans

You will need to discuss this topic together, as a family. Don’t think that this will just be an announcement. This is huge news, so they definitely won’t just listen to what you have to say, give you the thumbs up, and move on. Sure enough, they will have a lot of questions. You can expect to be asked when you’re relocating, if you’ll have any roommates, and why you haven’t told them sooner. They’ll want to express their concern, so expect feedback on their end. In case they do not agree with your decision, they might go as far as convincing you to stay. In this case, hear them out, but also be ready to stand your ground. This is your decision after all.

Be mindful of their feelings

Even if your family’s reaction doesn’t turn out to be what you expected, try to understand their point of view. They want what’s best for you, so this information will surely come as a shock to them. In addition, you have just told them about your plans so naturally, they didn’t have time to process their thoughts and feelings yet. Give them a few days to think about it all while you prepare for an interstate relocation and see if their opinions or feelings regarding the subject change. There is a big chance that they will support your decision after they have some time to think about everything and discuss it. After all, it takes some time for parents and family members to realize that their child is old enough to move and start their own life.

Make sure to tell your family that moving won’t change your relationship

Family members are usually scared of someone close to them moving to a different state because they expect the relationship to change. You need to make sure that your relationship won’t suffer. These shouldn’t be just empty promises once you leave your home town. Besides, keeping a healthy relationship with your family, will help deal with homesickness and moving depression which is bound to hit you after the move. To make sure you maintain a good connection with your loved ones, here’s what you need to do:

photographer holding a camera
Send your family plenty of photos and keep them updated
  • Call your family as often as you can. Calling home often will do wonders for your relationship. You don’t have to spend hours on the phone. Simply calling to check on your loved ones and see how they are will mean the world to them.
  • Send them plenty of pictures. They won’t be there physically to see your new home and its design, so make sure to keep them updated through photographs. Take pictures of the neighborhood and the local parks and landmarks. They will feel more connected to you if you let them in on your routine and let them see what you see. Over time, you’ll learn to appreciate their support.
  • Visit each other. As soon as you settle down and if you have room to accommodate everyone, invite your family to visit you. They’ll surely be excited to see you and your new home. Take them out and show them the town. They’ll love seeing your surroundings because it will make them feel more connected to you. Of course, make sure to visit your old home whenever you’re able to do so. Have a home-cooked meal with everyone and catch up.

To summarize

You conquered a lot of hurdles on this journey. From deciding that you will be moving to planning and executing the entire relocation. But also, you tackled the hardest thing of all. You had to tell your family that you are moving interstate, and you did it like a professional. Sure, it may have been difficult, but we hope this guide helped you deal with it better. All you have to do now is unpack after your interstate move and enjoy your new home. This move basically means you’re starting over as an independent person, and we wish you the best in your future adventures!

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